ACT Motivation and Gaining Student Buy In

Published on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 by

The First Step is Motivation

motivation matters

All teachers and administrators are familiar with the pain of watching capable, clever students perform poorly in school because they simply don’t care. At MasteryPrep, we know student motivation is just as important to test success as content knowledge and being test savvy. That’s why we want to equip you with meaningful tools to motivate students, leading up to your state-mandated test date. In the following thirty-minute webinar, MasteryPrep founder and CEO Craig Gehring discusses 101 ways to help students strive for ACT success.

Watch: 101 Ways to Motivate Students for the ACT

Read: 101 Ways to Motivate Students for the ACT: Slides

Use: 101 Ways to Motivate Students for the ACT: Handout

Next steps:

  • Watch the webinar to learn about extrinsic and intrinsic motivation and how to avoid demotivation.
  • Use the PDF linked above to choose the concepts that work best for your school or students.
  • Meet with your administrators or teachers to form a plan for implementing these techniques in the month leading up to your test.

All the test prep in the world can’t make up for an unmotivated student. By taking these crucial steps, you’ll lay the groundwork for student and school-wide success.