MasteryPrep: Better Scores without Teaching to the Test

MasteryPrep: Better Scores without Teaching to the Test

When you think about improving test scores, teaching to the test inevitably comes to mind. In our opinion, teaching to the test is a very bad idea. As a matter of fact, MasteryPrep was developed as a new way to improve student achievement on standardized tests without teaching to the test.

At MasteryPrep, we enable you to teach to the student. What does that mean? It’s a holistic approach that starts with state and college readiness standards but goes far beyond that. There are four key components.

1. Student Interest and Value

If we don’t capture student attention, and we don’t connect learning to a valuable outcome, then students won’t learn. No educator ever learned a student anything. It’s the student who ultimately achieves the learning through their own effort.

We don’t take student engagement for granted, which is why every MasteryPrep lesson starts with a hook that builds interest and segues into the main topic.

2. Standards

Standards help guide learning toward a valuable, rigorous result. They aren’t an end-all, be-all in themselves, but they’re an important consideration.

Every MasteryPrep lesson is directly aligned to state and college readiness standards.

3. Assessed Standards

Assessed standards are how the standard shows up on the test. This is a vital factor, although by no means the only one. If you don’t consider the assessed standard, it’s possible to teach a standard in a way that has no impact on assessment.

When MasteryPrep creates a program for an assessment, we analyze every question ever released for that test. We evaluate how the test asks about each standard and which standards are more heavily weighted than others. We also define hidden standards: skills that students must have to answer the questions correctly that are not expressed or even implied by the standards in question. MasteryPrep lessons encompass not only the standards but also how they’ll manifest on test day.

4. Student Ability Level

Standards and assessed standards help determine the destination, but every journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. That first step is from the student’s current ability level. If you don’t take that into account, the lesson will miss. It will be like building a beautiful bridge all the way to an amazing destination but never building the onramp. Without the onramp, no one can use your beautiful bridge.

MasteryPrep’s software helps you determine your students’ strengths and weaknesses, at the individual, class, school, and district level, so that your planning can account for your students’ learning needs. What’s more, each MasteryPrep lesson incorporates bridging material and reviews to make it easy to backtrack and avoid leaving students behind.

Teaching to the student can involve a little more preparation, but MasteryPrep makes it easy, and the end result is a student with meaningful, measurable achievement.
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About MasteryPrep:

MasteryPrep provides mastery-based college readiness services and resources for the SAT®, ACT®, TSIA2, EOC, and WorkKeys®. MasteryPrep is the nationally preferred SAT and ACT prep provider of the Council for Opportunity in Education and licensed by ACT to include official ACT test questions in its programs. MasteryPrep partners with schools and districts to help level the standardized assessment playing field. MasteryPrep has ranked among the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies” for six years and is a featured “Entrepreneur 360” company.


MasteryPrep is here to bridge the gap in an e-learning environment by providing your students with much needed college readiness preparation.

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