Florida ACT/SAT Concordant Camp

Florida ACT/SAT Concordant Camp

Help your rising seniors graduate on time with an ACT®/SAT® Concordant Score.

Finish strong with the Florida ACT/SAT Concordant Camp!

How It Works:

Starting in 2021-22, PERT can no longer be used for a concordant math score. This means that the ACT and SAT are more important for seniors than ever before. So if your rising seniors still need a concordant score to graduate, enroll them in our Florida ACT/SAT Concordant Prep Camp.

If seniors haven’t passed the FSA, they need these scores to graduate:


  • SAT EBRW 480
  • ACT English and Reading 18


  • SAT 420
  • ACT 16

Why the Florida ACT/SAT Concordant Prep Camp?

  • A 5-week virtual prep program developed exclusively for Florida schools.
  • 84% of participants improve in at least one subject area.
  • More than 50% of participants attain a concordant score and can graduate.
  • Effective and engaging for ESL students

Four Programs to Choose From:

ACT Mastery

ACT English and Reading

ACT Mastery

ACT Math

ACT Mastery


ACT Mastery

SAT Math

What's Included:

Prices range from $135 to as low as $85 per student, based on volume.

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