TSIA2 Prep for Schools

We are here to help your students meet the necessary college readiness benchmarks on the TSIA2, no matter their academic environments.

Our TSIA2 prep resources are tailored to what your students need and specifically designed to help ALL students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed come test day.

With HB 3 now in effect, helping more students meet the necessary TSI benchmarks is crucial to attaining a higher Outcomes Bonus for your school and to meeting school accountability standards.


TSIA2 Prep for Schools

TSIA2 Prep for Schools:

Each of our TSIA2-readiness solutions are research-based and evidence-proven. We have helped thousands of students identify how the standards they are learning in the classroom appear on the TSIA2, and we can help yours too.

With MasteryPrep Readiness Snap and Class Intervention packages, we can provide all the quality college readiness solutions you need to help students succeed on test day!

The first and only mastery-based TSIA2 prep curriculum.

TSIA2 Mastery provides a comprehensive review of every assessed standard on the TSIA2 and includes a TEKS alignment for every lesson.

With TSIA2 Snap Course, students can boost their readiness for the TSIA2 in as little as four weeks online through our easily accessible, user-friendly platform.

A TSIA2 Boot Camp is the perfect final push students need to succeed on the TSIA2. A MasteryPrep-trained expert instructor will provide the skills and strategies students need to boost their scores. All Boot Camps can be held virtually or in person.


Daily TSIA2 warm-up exercises for your smartboard or screen share.

The TSIA2 Webinar Archive is your place to easily watch, rewatch, and share every TSIA2 webinar session!

Here you will find all the resources, information, and test prep solutions you need for College, Career, and Military Readiness all in one place!

We’re prepared to prep your students, no matter the learning environment.

No Change Fees: There are absolutely no change or cancellation fees.

Backup Plan: A virtual Boot Camp backup is included for free with all in-person Boot Camp programs. Our live, high-impact events are just as engaging as our in-person instruction.

Rescheduling: Still want to have your event in person? Just contact us to reschedule it.

Recordings: Virtual event recordings will be available for 30 days for any student who misses the experience.

Ebook Access: Ebook access for Boot Camp workbooks will be provided as a free add-on to any participating student who needs it.

*When switching an event from virtual to in-person, we recommend a request be made at least three weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Here’s what educators have to say about our TSIA2 solutions:

We provided MasteryPrep's TSIA Boot Camp to 22 juniors and 13 seniors. After the program, every single attendee met the targeted benchmarks. The seniors were all eligible to enroll in the Texas Southern University summer school program and start coursework, but they had to meet TSIA benchmarks. Doing well on the writing section of the TSIA Boot Camp was a game changer for our students. They enjoyed having the books. It made a difference that they could keep the books beyond the Boot Camp and use them to refine their skills leading up to their test date. We're already planning our next TSIA and SAT Boot Camps with MasteryPrep.

This was a first-time experience in test preparation for our students. The facilitators did a wonderful job in easing some of the anxiety for our students. Many of the students commented that the training was very helpful for them as they took the TSIA. That boost of confidence was exactly what they needed.

Students and teachers personally reported to me their appreciation for Dr. Mike and the Boot Camp experience. Upon completion of the Boot Camp, students felt prepared and more confident in their abilities to pass the TSIA test.

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