Professional Development

Professional Development

Our professional development courses empower teachers to increase students’ ACT® or SAT® scores so that every student has the opportunity to score college-ready.

No stress, no hassle. Each professional development course is taught either in person or online by one of our own trained, professional instructors who will handle everything! 



Decoding the ACT:

Delivery Timeline:

June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year

ACT/SAT Mastery Certification Course:

Equip your instructional team to make ACT and SAT prep come alive.

Why take our ACT/SAT Mastery Certification Course?

  • Orientation to the ACT Mastery or SAT Mastery curricula and teacher manuals
  • Training on classroom management and student engagement
  • Strategies for parsing data and differentiating instruction
  • Tips for making the most of entrance tickets, exit tickets, and activities
  • Review of online resources and TruScore practice testing reports
  • Teach-backs provide practical experience and real-time feedback

Delivery Timeline:

June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year.

The training I have received through MasteryPrep has proven to be effective in enhancing my presentation style, increasing my content knowledge, and maximizing student engagement. My instruction is more lively and relatable for our students and has resulted in positive gains in their achievement!

Jim "J." Kelly

Training to be a MasteryPrep facilitator was strenuous, intense, and most importantly, necessary. I am not well versed in every single subject so I had my reservations walking in. However, it prepares you for the worst-case scenario, from student engagement to content comprehension. Training taught me how to reach as many students as possible, keep them engaged, and make the content relatable. All these things, and more, I learned in training and it made me not only more confident in my presentation abilities but also in the content being presented.

Zola-Kai Pollard

Decoding the SAT:

Empower your teachers to increase SAT scores.

Participants will learn:

  • The four major reasons SAT prep can’t happen and how to overcome them
  • Ten inventive ways to incorporate SAT prep in your classroom, without causing distraction or losing class time
  • Five SAT prep pitfalls to avoid at all costs
  • How to get your students motivated for the SAT
  • Why honor roll kids can’t get the SAT scores they need
  • Key reasons students struggle on the SAT and how to fix them
  • What the SAT is actually measuring
  • The secrets of how the SAT is scored
  • How to get every student on pace for timed tests
  • How to teach your students to guess twice as well
  • Nine must-have test-taking strategies

Delivery Timeline:

June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year.

Learning specific strategies and ‘cheat codes,’ applying and practicing them ourselves, and then discussing the outcome of our attempts helped me figure out how to best teach these strategies.

For as long as I have reviewed the test, been given strategies and activities, these were most realistic!

Great testing strategies provided and ways to incorporate SAT prep in the classroom right away.

This is the first PD where I felt I could check all the boxes on the State Eval form.

This was my third MasteryPrep session, and all presenters have been beyond knowledgeable.

Here’s what educators have to say about our professional development courses:

Hot off the press:

MasteryPrep Professional Development Programs Empower Teachers with Resources, Tools and Strategies to Help Students Boost Test Scores

Empowerment – when Metro Nashville Public School teachers completed MasteryPrep’s “Decoding the ACT Professional Development” program this past summer, they were ready to use their newfound knowledge to seize opportunities to boost students’ ACT test scores.

“The biggest takeaways were all our teachers had a better understanding of how the ACT is scored, what content it takes to master the test, how students can become better test takers, and how they could complement their classroom curriculum and incorporate lessons to make learning more relatable in preparing for the ACT.”

Meri Kock, MNPS ACT Coordinator

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