Our Story

Our Story:

Every student can graduate high school with a college-ready ACT or SAT score. Every student deserves to.

For most students, however, it’s not a level playing field. Students who come from low-income communities—who might be the first to go to college in their families—have an uphill climb. The tough reality is that nearly 90% of low-income students graduate high school without a college-ready ACT or SAT score.

It’s not a level playing field for the schools that serve underperforming students, either. Each year, expectations rise, but without a commensurate increase in resources.

That’s why MasteryPrep’s entire focus is on helping schools succeed. We have developed the only ACT and SAT prep curricula designed from the ground up to help schools boost their students’ scores.

Each year, MasteryPrep helps over 1,000 schools and districts improve the outcomes of over 125,000 students. We hope that this year we can partner with you and help provide your students the brighter future that higher test scores bring.

MasteryPrep stands out as a refreshingly data-driven force in an ocean of monotony. Other resources offer vague promises, but MasteryPrep delivers on promised results for our educators and students.

Barry Lofton
Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Pre-College Programs University of Central Oklahoma