End of Course Programs

End of Course Programs

Better End of Course scores in one day! You’ve worked all year to help your students master the content. Our End of Course programs will help you bridge your students’ content proficiency to how it will actually be tested.

  • Three-hour workshop
  • Engaging, expert in-person or virtual instructor
  • Workbook for each student with exercises to complete during the event and additional practice leading up to test day
  • Ebooks available

End of Course Boot Camps:

A crucial part of all of our Boot Camps are our trained instructors. A MasteryPrep-trained expert instructor will lead students through their workbooks, sharing effective strategies and tips for your students to practice in the days leading up to their test date.

In just one day, students will learn:

In addition to this, each subject comes with mini-tests that the instructor will use as a simulation of a real test day. After students complete each mini-test, the instructor will go over any questions that the students might have gotten wrong or had difficulty solving.

Implementation Models:

Our Boot Camps fit your schedule—even at the last minute. You provide the space, and we take care of everything else. No hassle, no stress, and most importantly, no attendance limits!

Customers Reviews

What educators say:

“(MasteryPrep’s instructor) did a GREAT job, and our students feel much more confident about taking the test from attending her Boot Camp!”
Sara Williamson
Harnett Central High
“(MasteryPrep’s instructor) is fabulous! She always does an incredible job, and our students absolutely love her!”
Nicole Fischer
Harnett Central High
“Facilitator was wonderful and the students loved him. They were engaged and enjoyed the session.”
Kelsey Cummings
Assistant Principal
“(MasteryPrep’s instructor) was an excellent presenter. My students loved her energy and her enthusiasm!”
Suzanne Sell
Overhills High

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