MasteryPrep Curriculum

MasteryPrep Curriculum





ACT and SAT Mastery Curriculum: 

ACT Mastery

The first and only mastery-based ACT curricula. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

  • Help students at all score ranges. Scaffolded course modules leave no student behind.
  • Teachers can focus on teaching instead of digging up content.
  • Get 4+ point score increases for the students who are most likely to impact your accountability score.
  • Provide structure for your ACT Prep efforts.
  • Full virtual classroom experience for blended learning environments
  • Ebooks available

SAT Mastery

The first and only mastery-based SAT curricula. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

  • Boost scores by 200 points or more.
  • Highly effective for students scoring below college readiness
  • Comprehensive lesson plans make teachers instant SAT experts.
  • Engaging classroom activities and built-in instructional differentiation
  • Compatible with Khan Academy and all standard SAT and PSAT data reports
  • Full virtual classroom experience for blended learning environment
  • Ebooks available

Online Curriculum: 

ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course 

Boost students’ ACT scores by 2-4 points or SAT scores by 200+ points in as little as four weeks with our online test prep program.

  • Valuable test-taking strategies and tips specific to the ACT or SAT
  • Per student or sitewide licenses
  • Year-long access
  • Over 100+ lessons, 5,000+ videos, 2,000+ authentic practice questions
  • ACT and SAT versions available
  • Students experience a program that incorporates the latest in online learning

Bell Ringers:

ACT Elements

ACT-aligned classroom warm-up exercises for your smartboard. 

  • Authentic daily reinforcement of ACT essential skills
  • Scaffolded approach builds confidence and competence
  • Better scores in just 5 minutes a day
  • The only ACT bell ringer program of its kind

WorkKeys Curriculum:


Help students earn a National Career Readiness Certificate with the most comprehensive WorkKeys test prep curriculum available. 

  • Remedial curriculum helps students earn Silver NCRCs
  • Thousands of authentic practice questions prepare students for every question type
  • Step-by-step explanations simplify tough concepts and build confidence
  • Updated for the new WorkKeys tests
  • Ebooks available

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