ACT Math Tip Found in New Study Hall Experience

Chalk Talk #69

ACT Math Tip:

At MasteryPrep, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our college readiness solutions to make them better than ever at helping students conquer test day. One of these new improvements we are excited to announce is the new Study Hall feature found in our TruScore ACT Practice Testing and Analysis.

As students review their answers after taking the practice test, they can click “Learn more in Study Hall” which will give them access to over 100 answer explanation videos and additional practice questions so they can improve their scores in the areas they are struggling with.

For example, this Study Hall video helps students better master “Counting” (i.e. Permutations and Combinations) in lengthy word problems. Feel free to share it with your students and fellow educators!

ACT Math Tip: “Counting” (i.e. Permutations and Combinations)

Like what you see? Click here to learn more and stay tuned for additional Study Hall videos to share with your students!

MasteryPrep is here to bridge the gap in an e-learning environment by providing your students with much needed college readiness preparation.

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