Chalk Talk #78

The adage “Practice makes perfect” requires modification when applied to test prep. We prefer to say, “Practice makes permanent.” If your students prep incorrectly, they are locking in bad test-taking habits.

In our most recent Ten on Tuesday webinar, we discussed the most common test prep fails instructors fall prey to. Here are 3 of the top test prep fails to avoid that we discussed! Make sure to share them with fellow instructors so you can better help your students conquer test day!

3 Test Prep Fails to Avoid

  1. Untimed practice:
    Timed practice is crucial to ACT/SAT success. When it comes to answering questions, it’s not just about whether students can answer the questions correctly; it’s about if they can answer the questions correctly in the time allotted. By using timed practice, you can help students build upon their time-management skills and better measure success while practicing.

  2. Only explaining the right answer:
    By only explaining how to get to the right answer, you are missing a huge opportunity to build upon students’ test-taking abilities, specifically their ability to perform the process of elimination.

  3. Prepping only for the last test:
    No two tests are ever alike. By teaching only from the most recent standardized test, chances are you are prepping students for things they will probably not see on the next assessment. To avoid this, it’s important to provide a test prep program that looks at the big picture and draws from trends from many different tests.

Want to learn more about the test prep fails to avoid? Watch the clip below!

Have any tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.  

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