ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course

ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course

With ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course, students can boost their ACT scores by 2-4 points or their SAT scores by 200+ points in as little as four weeks all online!

How It Works:

Time Management Strategies:

Students who complete this course learn to better manage their time. We teach students the techniques they need to know to beat the clock.

Structure of the ACT and SAT:

This course helps students crack the code on the structure of the ACT and SAT. Students learn how the test is set up, what kinds of questions it asks, and how to follow the test directions (as well as when it's best not to).

ACT and SAT-Specific Test-Taking Strategies:

Some test items can be tricky, but in this course we show students how to use that fact to their advantage. Students learn powerful strategies that can double the effectiveness of their guesses and give them an edge on test day.

Lots of Authentic Practice Problems:

Just because a student understands a grammar or math concept doesn't mean that he or she is prepared for how it will be asked about on the ACT or SAT. The course practice questions exactly match the format and rigor of real test questions, and each topic includes five times more practice questions than traditional test prep books.

Subject-Specific Tips and Strategies:

This course helps students make substantial gains in each subject area. For Example: 
• How to ignore distractions in English, Writing and Language, and Reading
• How to avoid becoming confused by technical jargon and equations in the science section
• Which math formulas students need to know

The Next Generation of Online Learning:

ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course is powered by our proprietary Snap Course authoring system, which means that your students experience a course that incorporates the latest research development in online learning. 


30-second video clips stimulate a conversation rather than a lecture, and keep students engaged. 

Learn by doing

Our course isn’t a wall of text or a river of passive video streams. Students never go a minute without taking part in a wide range of activities. 

Hints and feedback

Students disengage when a question is too difficult. Our highly tailored hints and answer feedback gently prompt students toward the right direction, like a tutor over their shoulder, to keep them on track.

Adaptive branching

Hundreds of potential conversation branches adapt to your students’ needs, just like in a live classroom environment. No two students’ Snap Courses are exactly the same. 

Equitable access

Students access ACT/SAT Mastery Snap Course on any major browser, on any device, with no downloads required.  

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