Making Success Tangible: Sharing Success Stories

Published on Thursday, January 11th, 2018 by

A student’s ACT score is a gateway to opportunity and success. Universities use it to compare applicants, determine entrance acceptance, and allocate scholarships. In fact, it almost always carries more weight than a student’s GPA! Because it is used in so many different ways, an excellent ACT score can completely alter the course of a student’s life. While maintaining a high GPA over the course of high school takes years of effort and sacrifice, students should know that it’s never too late to improve their ACT score. If they are dedicated and hardworking, they can raise their scores in just a matter of weeks, but it starts with motivation.

Pointing Students Toward Success:

Today, have teachers highlight an ACT success story for their students. They can share a story about past students they have taught, invite a recent graduate to come in and talk about their own experience, or use the video below to remind students that an ACT score can truly kick start the future of their dreams.

Teachers can use the following script:

“What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed up studying for a test? What are some important things you’ve missed out on because you had to work on a project or paper? All of that hard work contributed to your GPA, but what if I told you there’s a number colleges value more? Your ACT score is actually more important to universities than your GPA. They use it to determine whether or not you get in and how much scholarship money you receive.”

Show the video of Caleb’s success story, linked above.

“Some of you may be excited to get out of here as soon as you graduate. How can your ACT score help you chase what you’re after? What is your after-high-school adventure?”

Students may want to experience new cities or Ivy League schools. They might seek once-in-a-life-time career building experience, or a pathway to a stable job and secure future. Walk students through understanding how a good ACT score is the first step on the path to each of these goals.

Motivation begins with hope. By envisioning life after high school, students make the first leap in understanding the importance of their ACT scores and why their best efforts matter.