MasteryPrep Ready Platform Helps Districts Achieve Score Gains

Start Early. Master What Matters. Finish Strong.

MasteryPrep, the nationally-preferred ACT® and SAT® prep provider of the Council for Opportunity in Education, continues to deliver innovative, robust, and equitable college readiness learning options for all students by launching the MasteryPrep Ready Platform, a data-driven, blended learning solution available for schools and school districts to purchase MasteryPrep resources and products under one comprehensive suite.

“Our company’s hallmark is delivering schools valuable tools to help every student graduate with a college-ready ACT or SAT score, and the MasteryPrep Ready Platform is that all-encompassing college readiness support system designed to help districts consistently achieve sustainable, schoolwide score gains year after year.”

The MasteryPrep Ready Platform is fully adaptable to any academic environment, virtual or in-person, and accessible and equitable to all students. MasteryPrep Ready is designed around three pillars of mastery: Start Early. Master What Matters. Finish Strong.

  1. Start Early. Students who struggle with tests need years to prepare, not days, and most college readiness standards address skills first taught in middle school. Decoding the ACT/SAT helps middle and early high school teachers seamlessly align their curriculum to college rigor. ACT/SAT/TSIA2 Elements helps earlier grades receive non-negotiable skill reinforcement in as little as five minutes a day. ACT/SAT TruScore assesses student gaps as early as ninth grade. The College Playbook sets freshmen on a course for college readiness.
  2. Master What Matters. Of the hundreds of skills that the ACT/SAT/TSIA2 could assess, only a handful will make a difference for any one student. These skills can’t just be reviewed: they must be mastered to maximize score impact. TruScore practice testing helps you identify what those skills are (and they may be different for each student, class, grade, and campus). ACT/SAT Mastery provides the lesson content you need to have an impact, while ACT/SAT/TSIA2 Snap allows for on-demand reinforcement and enrichment.
  3. Finish Strong. All your preparation and work lead to a single high-pressure testing session. The ACT/SAT/TSIA2 Boot Camp ensures students are sharp and ready to put their best foot forward on test day.

“By supporting students throughout their high school career, MasteryPrep helps students master key content, time management, and test-taking skills; reinforces college readiness as early as middle school; helps educators build a college-going culture on campus; and is proven effective with underperforming students.”

In 2020, MasteryPrep resources reached 395,000 students in 37 states nationwide.

In spring 2020, when schools were forced to close amidst the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, MasteryPrep released several distance learning options to help schools deliver effective instruction.

For instance, Study Hall is an online adaptive test prep program that uses a student’s testing data from TruScore to see what skills students are struggling with the most and helps them master those skills. Snap is a micro-video course platform that allows students to watch up to 30-second instructor videos and answer questions, among other simulated activities. “We are proud of our versatility and innovation over this past school year,” Gehring said. “Students we serve and who need the most help now have the necessary resources, and we have implemented the needed learning platforms and technologies to impact school systems.”

With the MasteryPrep Ready Platform, educators receive MasteryPrep Ready Training, a full professional development training program to help educators master the comprehensive suite of products included in the Ready Platform. MasteryPrep experts get educators up to speed and customize the program to fit your college readiness plan. “In these highly-interactive, hands-on training programs, you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered and learn about what’s working on other campuses,” Gehring said. “We believe that, with the right support, educators can accomplish anything. Ready Training is an essential component of that support.”

Start Early

TruScore Practice Testing and Analysis – TruScore Practice Testing and Analysis includes an authentic practice test on any device that diagnoses exactly what students need to work on, and then data that helps remedy academic deficiencies as early as ninth grade, focus ACT/SAT enrichment programs in later years, and laser in on make-or-break skills just before test day. ACT/SAT score improvement doesn’t have to be a guessing game. With ACT/SAT TruScore, you can be intentional in your supports and certain in your outcomes.

Elements Bell Ringers – College readiness standards align to middle school, ninth, and 10th grade state standards, so don’t wait until junior year to prep students. A series of ACT/SAT/TSIA2-aligned classroom warm-up exercises optimized for smartboards and screen shares provides students reinforcement of essential college readiness skills. Exercises are organized by standard and incrementally build in rigor, so students gradually master the college readiness standard just by completing the activities. Every exercise includes a detailed, student-friendly explanation, which prevents warm-up activities from eating into class time. Elements is the first and only ACT/SAT/TSIA2 bell ringer program.

Decoding the ACT/SAT Professional Development – Every time students progress toward mastery of a state standard, there’s the opportunity to also impact ACT and SAT scores. All too often, that opportunity is missed. With the Decoding the ACT/SAT professional development program, core teachers learn how to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone, seizing opportunities to boost ACT/SAT scores without teaching to the test or wasting valuable class time. In this practical workshop, a high-energy instructor shares with teachers innovative strategies and micro-practices for improving student time management, test-taking skills, and content mastery. Each PD attendee receives Decoding the ACT/SAT: The Unofficial, Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, an encyclopedic reference to every aspect of the test and how to help students master it.

The College Playbook – The College Playbook is a student-friendly and succinct reference guide to admissions that makes college access and success approachable, especially for first-generation and low-income students and their families. The Playbook features dozens of guides and tools that equip students to succeed on topics ranging from financial aid and essay writing to goal setting and finding the perfect college fit.

Master What Matters

Study Hall Adaptive Prep – Study Hall is a reinforcement of TruScore data to provide adaptive prep optimized for what topics students are most likely to improve on. The ACT and SAT could test students on literally hundreds of discrete skills. There’s no time to cram for them all. Study Hall uses TruScore data to see what the students are struggling with the most and help them master those skills.

ACT/SAT/TSIA2 Snap Micro-Video Course – Through the MasteryPrep Snap Course, students engage online by doing 15 second micro-videos, or snaps, that simulate a conversation. Adaptive conversation branches mean students get their questions answered, just like if they were working with a live tutor. In just five minutes, students improve their mastery of a key college readiness skill. Snap lets students prep the way they’re used to doing everything else: on-demand, anywhere, at any time, on any browser, on any device.

ACT/SAT Mastery Curriculum – The first and only mastery-based curriculum that provides the full blueprint for success and provides a uniquely engaging, effective, and differentiated lesson for every tested ACT College Readiness Standard and SAT content dimension. Embedded test-taking strategies and pacing guidelines help students master not only the content but the way the content is tested. ACT/SAT Mastery is add-water-and-mix: included are comprehensive teacher guides, answer explanations, student materials, PowerPoints, and teacher training. ACT/SAT Mastery can power a one-semester or full-year test prep course, but it is also frequently embedded into core classes or implemented in homeroom, enrichment, or RTI periods. More than 100 lessons provide scaffolded activities, practice, and assessments, all within a modern instructional design framework that works in a classroom.

Finish Strong

ACT/SAT Virtual Booster Classes – In a virtual booster class, an expert MasteryPrep instructor develops a custom syllabus tailored exactly to your students’ data. They then guide students through the live online course, helping them master essential test-taking skills and time management strategies all while bridging their content gaps. MasteryPrep virtual instructors are intensively trained and certified in delivering high-energy, high-impact online instruction. They take the time to answer each students’ questions, and leverage the virtual classroom environment to its fullest to ensure students stay tuned in.

ACT/SAT/TSIA-2 Boot Camp – In just one day, students can boost their ACT/SAT/TSIA2 scores. In the ACT/SAT/TSIA2 Boot Camp, a high-energy MasteryPrep expert provides students the final push they need to maximize their scores just before test day. In a single workshop, students practice pacing and time management while learning essential test-taking techniques, unique content tips, and effective guessing strategies.

About MasteryPrep: Founded in 2012, Baton Rouge-based MasteryPrep provides mastery-based college readiness services and resources, such as for the ACT and SAT, to more than 2,000 schools and districts nationwide. In addition, MasteryPrep has helped more than 1 million low-income students prepare for the ACT and SAT at no cost to the student. Nationally, MasteryPrep is the preferred ACT and SAT prep provider of the Council for Opportunity in Education, expanding college opportunities for low-income, first-generation students, and students with disabilities in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., the Pacific Islands, and Puerto Rico. MasteryPrep is ranked among the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies”; featured by “Entrepreneur 360”; and selected among the “Growth Leaders” by Louisiana Economic Development for two years in a row.

MasteryPrep is here to bridge the gap in an e-learning environment by providing your students with much needed college readiness preparation.

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