SAT Mastery

SAT Mastery

The first and only mastery-based SAT® prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

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Traditional SAT Test Prep Doesn't Work
SAT Mastery Does

How It Works:

Our products and services are research-based and evidence-proven.

The foundation of our SAT Mastery curricula is deep research into standardized tests and student performance. We have extensively analyzed:

  • Over 15,000 actual SAT and ACT test items.
  • Hundreds of SAT and ACT standards and content dimensions.
  • Over 50 million student responses to SAT and ACT questions.
  • Thousands of pages of test prep practices from across the industry.
  • Decades of education research papers and best practices.

All of this means that-unlike any other ACT or SAT prep curriculum-our products are:

  • Proportional: We spend more time on what the test weighs most heavily and less time on what the test deems unimportant.
  • Authentic: True reproductions of official ACT and SAT questions.
  • Improvement-focused: We teach the skill students are most likely to be able to improve, not necessarily where they are the weakest.
  • Comprehensive: We cover all of the major question variations that the ACT and SAT can throw at students and prepare students to be successful with each question type.
  • Up to date: We’ve built our programs from scratch from the most recent tests and are constantly analyzing newly released assessments for trends.

Implementation Models:

  • One-semester course
  • Weekly core class integration
  • Intervention, advisory, or homeroom
  • Integration into non-core classes
  • 30-45-hour special pullout course or after-school session

Schools have experts in math, English, and science, not the SAT. SAT Mastery helps great teachers become instant experts on the SAT, with no test prep background required!

SAT Mastery is the first and only mastery-based SAT prep curriculum

What's Included:

SAT Mastery provides a comprehensive review of every SAT content dimension and question type.

Writing and Language

  • 18 chapters, over 800 practice questions, 70 unique passages, and 36 test-taking tips.
  • The SAT’s complex sentence structure makes applying grammar much more difficult, so we teach students how to tune out unnecessary phrases to determine what rules to use.
  • Unfailing punctuation shortcuts and rules of thumb your students won’t learn anywhere else.
  • The shortest answer isn’t always the best answer: we teach students how to accurately slice through redundancy and wordiness


  • 25 chapters,  over 1,000 practice questions, 50 test-taking tips.
  • Students learn how many questions they can skip to reach their target score, how to avoid questions that won’t yield points, and how to stop running out of time.
  • Just because students get stuck doesn’t mean it’s over; our math guessing strategies help students make the most of a tough situation.
  • The most comprehensive content review of any SAT Math curriculum, from linear functions and ratios to triangles and non-linear equations.


  • 11 chapters, over 500 practice questions, 40 unique passages, and 22 test-taking tips.
  • No matter what challenges your students experience when reading, they’ll learn how to use the test’s structure to their advantage and maximize points.
  • The only curriculum that provides a skill-by-skill content breakdown of the SAT Reading test.
  • The new SAT asks students to cite evidence for their answers. We show students how to use this to make the questions easier, not harder.

Every SAT Mastery chapter is structured to improve test-taking skills, time management, and content mastery. Want a closer look at SAT Mastery chapters? Download your free sample today to see where we showcase examples of each of the mentioned features:

Learning Targets

Clear learning targets help students and teachers understand what they’ll accomplish by the end of the lesson.

Entrance Ticket

Establishes performance baselines for each skill and helps teachers differentiate instruction.


Review of the core content essential to success on each topic. Scaffolded lessons build confidence and skill.


In this section, we teach students how to quickly identify questions, problem solve, and check their work.


If students can’t solve the question, they can still use strategies to arrive at the correct answer.


Everything comes together in a timed simulation of an actual SAT test, with question types students just learned about interspersed with other items, just like a real testing environment. 

Exit Ticket

Provides a post-lesson comparison so teachers and students can track progress.


A quick reference guide summarizing the most important tips and strategies in the chapter.

Here’s what educators have to say about MasteryPrep:

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