Every Student Can Score College Ready on the ACT®

Only 1 in 4 students scores college ready on the ACT. For low-income and minority students, the gap is even worse.

At MasteryPrep, we firmly believe every student can graduate college ready. We’re committed to addressing the needs of every student through targeted test prep generated from real data for real results.

We’re giving teachers the tools they need to help every student excel on the ACT and beyond.

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What we believe

Education can end poverty
Every student can graduate college ready
Education can end poverty
Education can end poverty
Any teacher can do this
Any teacher can do this

Proven Results

We've helped over 250,000 students improve their ACT score, with over 50% of the students improving by 3 points or more!

“[Because] our district achieved a one-to-one device ratio, with an iPad available to every high school student, we knew that we had to find software that would help us make the most of this exciting opportunity for our students. The ACT Mastery Online program on BenchPrep fit the bill. It’s a student-friendly application that allows us to reach every student in our district with ACT preparation. Desoto Parish School District strives to help our students achieve college readiness, and ACT Mastery Online is a part of that.”

—De Soto Parish School District

“The in-service was excellent! The MasteryPrep speaker was extremely knowledgeable and presented everything clearly. His presentation was exactly what we wanted. Thanks for all your help.”

—M.C., Academy of Our Lady

"MasteryPrep helped our students in ways that we were not expecting. The books were a great resource for us to use, and I would like to believe that they played a significant part of the growth we experienced with our students. Thanks, MasteryPrep!”

—Rochelle Bates, Principal, Kentwood High School

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