Every Student Can Score College Ready on the ACT®

Only 1 in 4 students scores college ready on the ACT. For low-income and minority students, the gap is even worse.

At MasteryPrep, we firmly believe every student can graduate college ready. We’re committed to addressing the needs of every student through targeted test prep generated from real data for real results.

We’re giving teachers the tools they need to help every student excel on the ACT and beyond.

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Education can end poverty
Every student can graduate college ready
Education can end poverty
Education can end poverty
Any teacher can do this
Any teacher can do this

In my six years of working with ACT prep companies for the Class of 2017, MasteryPrep hands down has yielded the best results—one- and two-point gains with the majority of students who attended—and is by far the favorite company among the students.

—Tonya Allen, School Administrator, Knox Central High School, KY

We had solid gains in our ACT growth in Seniors. We exceeded our goal of 50% getting 18+ with 54%. 25% of those students hit a 21+!

—Michael George, Principal, Cohen College Prep High School, LA

During the summer I taught at a 6-week camp for high school students. We gave each student a pre- and post-test. The results after using MasteryPrep were AMAZING! Out of 30 students, TWENTY of them improved their ACT scores!! Some as much as 7 points! I am sold on the wonders of MasteryPrep.

—Kimberly Hamilton, Instructor, Upward Bound Math and Science, Berea College, KY

The one-day ACT Boot Camp provided our students with a great deal of information that has proven to raise their ACT scores. From a breakdown of the content on the ACT to teaching them little "tricks" for success, our students are able to go into the testing session with more confidence.

—Belinda Stewart, School Administrator, Nanih Waiya Attendance Center, MS

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