Boost Your LEAP 2025 Assessment Index in Just One Day!

Published on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 by

LEAP 2025 season is here, and that means teachers and administrators all over the state are getting ready to prove how hard they’ve worked all year.

However, just because your students may not share the same enthusiasm, doesn’t mean you need to panic. MasteryPrep is here to help. As end-of-course testing picks up, we will be holding Boot Camps all around the country to help better prepare students for their tests. We know that our Boot Camps work. We have seen thousands of students improve their scores by simply attending them.

Why should you host a MasteryPrep Boot Camp for your school?

Impact a large group of students at once

The content and strategies covered in the LEAP 2025 Algebra I and LEAP 2025 Geometry Boot Camps are effective for a wide range of student skill and knowledge levels. Our expert instructors are able to recognize student aptitude and adjust the presentation material to provide meaningful content to meet each student need, even in a diverse group. This means our Boot Camp events are not only effective but efficient, saving you time and energy when preparing your students for the test.

Effective prep, even at the last minute

MasteryPrep’s Boot Camps are designed to be implemented in the two weeks before the test. This provides just enough time to practice and master the content we cover while reducing the chance students will forget it by test day. It’s never too late to intervene for students and equip them with powerful, effective test prep. A motivating, empowering Boot Camp is the perfect way to keep up momentum and cap off your yearlong prep efforts.

Easy to implement

We understand the daunting responsibilities of teachers and respect that every second taken away from their class time matters. The LEAP 2025 Boot Camps are half-day events, so they cause only a minimal disruption to your school schedule. Furthermore, our program is a turnkey solution: we provide the facilitator and books to make the experience easier than ever for teachers and administrators.


At the LEAP 20205 Boot Camps, we tap in to the motivation power of instant gratification. During the Boot Camp, students practice test-taking strategies that allow them to see immediate improvement. This inspires them to invest in practicing the other tips and strategies presented in the event and encourages them to believe they can improve their algebra skills if they put in the effort. That’s why every student takes home a Boot Camp workbook with extra practice questions to use at home. This allows students to review strategies and practice the skills they’ve learned on their own leading up to test day.


For more information on MasteryPrep’s LEAP 2025 Algebra I and LEAP 2025 Geometry Boot Camps or to talk to a representative about hosting one at your school, visit us here. Students and schools succeed when MasteryPrep is on their side!