ACT® Mastery Professional Development

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ACT® Mastery helps your school deliver exceptional ACT prep services to your students by training your staff on exactly what the ACT is testing and how it goes about testing it, so that your teachers can incorporate effective ACT prep strategies in their lessons and close achievement gaps.

For many students, the ACT is the gatekeeper to scholarship and college entrance eligibility. Our half-, one-, two-, or three-day training programs are an engaging and informative and will teach your teachers what it takes to get their students into a score range where they can succeed beyond high school.


Preparing Students for High Performance on the ACT

Day 1

An Overview of the ACT


Subject Mastery: How to Turn a High GPA into a High ACT Score


Demonstration Lessons:

Orientation to the ACT

Test-Taking Technique 1: Never Leave an Answer Blank

Test-Taking Technique 2: Time is of the Essence


Day 2

What Content to Teach for the ACT, By Subject

The Test-Taking Characteristics of High Performing Students (And How to Teach These Skills)


Demonstration Lessons:

English and Reading Essentials

Test-Taking Technique 3: Plug in the Answers

Test-Taking Technique 4: What Sounds Right?


Day 3

Common Core and the ACT

Addressing the X-factor: Student Motivation

Bringing It All Together: ACT Prep in a Nutshell


Demonstration Lessons:

Math and Science Essentials

Test-Taking Technique 5: Be Sure

Test-Taking Technique 6: Focus

Writing That Killer Essay


About the Speaker

Craig Gehring has helped thousands of students work toward their higher-educational dreams since 2003, his junior year in high school, when he earned perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT. That year, parents started calling his school, asking him to tutor their children. Ten years later, Gehring has written the book, literally, on mastering the ACT and leads an effort to improve preparation for standardized tests. His ACT® Mastery program averages more than a three-point improvement in only six weeks, four times better than the national test prep average.

Student seminars also available.