Chalk Talk #66

Burning the midnight oil to convert your entire summer programming into an online experience?

You’re not alone. We’re here to help. 

To further our mission of helping every student graduate high school with a college-ready ACT or SAT score, we are readily adapting our college readiness solutions to impactful, fun, and engaging virtual ACT and SAT prep classes.

Now, the most effective ACT prep for low-income, first-gen students, is available online and ready to add to your summer programming or curriculum plans.

Students completing our ACT Mastery class experience average ACT score gains of +4 points, with some students boosting their scores by as many as +9 points. With ACT Mastery Virtual Class students can improve their ACT scores by +4 points or more from a distance. 

Each class will have an average of only 25 students so that every student can work directly with our expert instructors throughout the 30-hour course. Our high-energy, instructors keep students actively learning and engaged through monitored live chats, games, surveys, quizzes, and more.

Check out our ACT Mastery Virtual Class demo to learn more:

ACT Mastery Virtual Class is equally accessible to all students. It works from any browser from any device and for those who lack a good internet connection, a phone dial-in option is also provided. Class times available now. 

MasteryPrep is here to bridge the gap in an e-learning environment by providing your students with much needed college readiness preparation.

Check out our distance learning solutions:

Or click here to download our distance learning catalog.

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