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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is sweeping the nation.

As cases for COVID-19 top 125,000+ globally, a pandemic has been officially declared. In a dire effort to stop the spread of the virus, precautionary measures and closures have gone into effect across the U.S.

Until the virus slows, schools in affected areas are choosing to take advantage of online classes with some districts canceling classes altogether.

What does this mean for standardized testing?

According to The Washington Post, the SAT has been canceled in more than 15 countries, and a growing number of U.S. schools that host it are backing out. Many school districts are choosing to postpone statewide standardized testing until late April or early May, and around 150 testing centers (and counting) have canceled their administration for the March 14th test date.

The ACT has also chosen to reschedule its April 4 national test date to June 13 across the U.S. All students registered for the April 4th test date will receive an email from ACT in the next few days informing them of the postponement and instructions for free rescheduling to June 13th or a future national test date.

Given the rapid spread of the virus, you should expect possible changes to your state’s testing situation. The best course of action educators can take is to monitor their state’s situation and stay in the know.

For updates on the SAT, click here:

For updates on the ACT, click here:

Finally, if you are testing in an area with school closings, please check the test center’s website periodically for updated information.

Important Advice for Students:

  • If a test date is canceled or changed, each student will be notified via email, so make sure to tell your students to check their email frequently for updates regarding their test date.

  • Examinees can be turned away at the door if they are ill. Taking the SAT or ACT while ill can also negatively affect students’ scores, so being in good health is necessary for scoring college ready!

  • Examinees will be allowed to wear and bring masks, but they will be inspected at check-in to ensure nothing is written on or inside them. If a mask is removed and put back on, it will be inspected again.

  • If your SAT test date was canceled, the next two international SAT administrations are May 2nd and August 29th. Students can register for the May administration now and for the August administration in late April.

  • If your testing center is closed, you could be transferred to a different location if possible so make sure to check your emails every day.

  • Higher education institutions are aware of the coronavirus’ effects on standardized testing so do not worry about how this will affect your college acceptance.

Let’s work together to keep our students healthy and safe! For updates and prevention tips regarding COVID-19, click here:

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