“Moore Substance”

Podcaster, Writer, Pharmacy Technician and Educator Roland Moore is Man of Many Talents at MasteryPrep

Dos Equis and the most interesting man in the world may have nothing on Roland Moore.

Moore hosts a podcast in which he interviews the “most interesting people on planet earth, going beneath the surface, and bringing listeners ‘Moore Substance’.”

Maybe Moore could look in the mirror for his next podcast guest.

Moore is an instructor, facilitator, coach, and product specialist with MasteryPrep. He teaches students in ACT®, SAT®, TSIA, and WorkKeys®, to help them achieve their standardized test score goals and earn their way to college and scholarships. He also coaches peer teachers, assists in the creation and review of resource curriculum, and facilitates professional development courses for teachers in schools that partner with MasteryPrep.

In his spare time, Moore writes short films, hosts a podcast, and authors books from flash fictional and faith devotionals to How to Uplyft Your Earnings and Receive Uber Tips – an informational book for drivers on how interaction can spur more passenger tips. Having traveled to and lived in various places, including Germany, Luxembourg, London, Holland, Canada, Spain, Belgium, and many states across America, he became a versatile and adroit storyteller. Moore is an Air Force veteran, with a degree in cellular and molecular biology, who loves to learn and share his acquired knowledge with others. In his previous career, he was the pharmacy technician program director at a trade school, and a former pharmacy/chemistry technician.

“I have always loved science, math, writing, and anything to do by way of connecting with people of different backgrounds and cultures – listening to their stories, learning something new from everyone I talk to, and the joy of re-telling those journeys,” said Moore. “That has all made me into a more diverse person. It keeps every day interesting and challenging.”

Early 3 a.m. Wake Up Call

Moore is familiar with any standardized test question dealing with half-life or growth and decay.

As a pharmacy/chemistry technician for the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana in Shreveport, Moore was responsible for the daily production of PET (Positron Emission Tomography) radiopharmaceuticals and FDG 18. He processed the chemicals to inject into cancer patients. The glucose luminates around the cancer and aids in the imaging modality in diagnosis, staging, restaging, and prognostication of cancers. “I would have to wake up at 3 a.m. because all the medicine had a half-life and then it would disintegrate afterwards. We had to time it out perfectly, so the patient had enough medicine to enable the proper imaging.”

Moore spent six years (2008-2014) with the Biomedical Research Foundation, researching and studying cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and various other diseases. While he was there, he went to college as well, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in cellular and molecular biology from LSU Shreveport (2013).

In 2014, Moore got his first taste of education, becoming a pharmacy technician instructor at Remington Career College. Within just one year, Moore was promoted to the pharmacy technician program director at Remington.

“When you do research, you’re in a lab and don’t necessarily see the results of what you work on, because you’re hidden away from the patients your work is helping,” Moore said. “But when I became a teacher and was charged with educating future pharmacists, I saw my students’ eyes light up right away from the real world experiences of pharmacy that I was sharing with them. I could see the immediate impact.”

“Easy to Fall in Love with the MasteryPrep Mission”

In 2019, Moore traded in preparing future pharmacists for helping high school students on standardized tests.

His first job with MasteryPrep was as an ACT teacher at North Caddo High School in Vivian, Louisiana. “I’ll never forget that first semester. I had a student whose goal was a 20. I was in between a class break, and she came running up to me all excited. She got a 23. Her smile was all I needed to see to confirm that I was right where I was meant to be.”

In his three years thus far with MasteryPrep, Moore’s accomplishments rival his diverse résumé. In addition to his ACT teaching and tutoring, he has facilitated one-day Boot Camps and semester courses for ACT, SAT, TSIA2 and WorkKeys, created and reviewed curriculum for SAT resources, led professional development courses for teachers and instructional coaches in MasteryPrep’s partner high schools, and coached fellow instructors throughout MasteryPrep.

Following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when schools were forced to close, MasteryPrep released distance learning options to help schools deliver effective instruction. Moore was instrumental in helping to deliver these resources online and through virtual courses.

“I love everything I do here, from the professional development and working with teachers to directly teaching the students. It is easy to fall in love with the MasteryPrep mission that every student deserves the opportunity to go to college,” Moore said. “If I can impact one student a day and change his/her future, then how special is the job I’m in?”

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