College Playbook Series: Why College?

Chalk Talk #68

The college application process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Oftentimes, people question if pursuing a four-year degree is even worth it.

In our recently released College Playbook, we provide students with valuable guidance and down-to-earth advice to help them set up their high school years for college success as well as help students find reasons to attend college that are specific to their own goals.

In this free webinar, our very own manager of instruction, J. Kelly, not only answers the question “Why College?” but he also provides a breakdown of what the College Playbook is, how and when students can best use it, and a preview of some of the valuable tips and tricks found within it.
At MasteryPrep, we believe every student can graduate high school feeling college ready. Our College Playbook is just one of the useful resources we have developed to help students have a successful college readiness journey.

Check out this free video recording of our “Why College” webinar:

Written by college admissions expert Lucas Spielfogel, The College Playbook gives students the perfect play-by-play on how to win at the college admissions process. Your students will benefit from the same down-to-earth advice that has helped students across the nation find the best college for their passion and skills. 

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