MasteryPrep Instructor Jeff DeRouen Caters to New Audience

An actor, comedian, writer, and teacher all walk into a bar, and…in this case, no punchline needed. They’re all the same person. 

When MasteryPrep instructor Jeff DeRouen is not teaching students to help them improve their ACT scores, he is writing and performing his stand-up comedy acts across the country, starring in motion picture films, or appearing on the local New Orleans performing arts scene. 

“Classroom management and I were on point from the beginning,” the educator said. “As a professional actor and comedian, I played every kind of room you could think of and performed in front of various audiences, so when it comes to keeping kids in their seats, engaged and focused, and ready to learn the material at hand, I have had a comfortability in doing so.”

DeRouen joined MasteryPrep in August 2021 and teaches ACT Boot Camps and End of Course Louisiana LEAP 2025 Algebra 1 and Geometry Boot Camps. The Lake Charles native, who currently resides in New Orleans, was a former high school teacher who taught Film as an elective, and formerly taught English and Reading. 

"Education is the Key to Everything"

Jeff DeRouen performing a standup comedy act.

“Education is the key to everything, and it motivates me to help these kids achieve more in their lives and therefore make the world a little better. MasteryPrep is a great company to work for because our way of teaching reaches high school students across all levels, helping them understand fundamentally how to execute much-needed test strategies along with teaching them the necessary skills and content knowledge for the test.”

DeRouen delivers MasteryPrep boot camps both virtually and in-person. “I was good at English and Reading in high school, and I love to teach both. If a student gets better at Reading, then that’s going to help them at everything else. You can’t work a math word problem if you don’t understand what the words are saying.” He has traveled to teach boot camps throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Florida and most recently North Carolina, a day after he docked from a cruise ship that traveled to South America and in which he performed stand-up comedy in front of 500 people.

"I Love Being a Storyteller on Stage"

As a comedian, his unique Southern-style humor, riotous stories, various characters and satiric point of view have played at venues across the country, including major venues on the west coast, such as The Ice House in Pasadena, The Improv in Hollywood, and The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip. “I love being a storyteller on stage and then include jokes within the stories about the time I did so and so.”

DeRouen has also appeared in films Grudge Match and Joe Dirt 2, was featured on NPR’s Bring Your Own New Orleans storytelling series, was named “Best of the Fest” at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2018 and can be seen in The Platform on Hulu and Killing It on Peacock.

“My favorite film role was in a pilot In the Bag that unfortunately never aired. I played a disgruntled grocery store worker named Herman, and that was cool because he was a character that I could seek my teeth into,” DeRouen said. “As an actor, you have these titles like anesthesiologist or a portly puppeteer, but here I actually had a name and could develop a character. I love when I can explore my creativity into something I am doing.”

MasteryPrep Instructor Jeff DeRouen in Joe Dirt 2 alongside David Spade.

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