Texas CCMR Products

Texas CCMR Products

HB 3 has turned the spotlight back onto college, career, and military readiness. The new CCMR Outcomes Bonus will provide more resources to improve accountability scores by helping more students reach CCMR criteria.  

The first step in unlocking the new CCMR Outcomes Bonus is helping students score college ready on the required assessments. The more students scoring college ready, the greater potential outcomes bonus your district or school will receive. 

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Each one of our college-readiness resources are directly aligned with CCMR components and will help your district in achieving a greater potential Outcomes Bonus to spend on preparing your students for success in  college, their career, or the military. 


The foundation of our curricula is deep research into standardized tests and student performance. We have extensively analyzed:

  • Over 15,000 actual ACT and SAT test items.
  • Hundreds of ACT and SAT standards and content dimensions.
  • Over 50 million student responses to ACT and SAT questions.
  • Thousands of pages of test prep practices from across the industry.
  • Decades of education research papers and best practices.


SAT Mastery

The first and only mastery-based SAT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.


ACT Mastery

The first and only mastery-based ACT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero teacher prep time.

Boot Camps:

See better scores in just one day! Our MasteryPrep Boot Camps help students learn exactly what they need in the “final hours” before the test. 


SAT Boot Camp

In just one day,  your students can boost their SAT scores by 50-100 points or more! Available virtually or in-person!


ACT Boot Camp

Better ACT scores In one day!  Makes test prep fun and less overwhelming for students. Available virtually or in-person! 


TSIA2 Boot Camp

Better TSIA2 scores in one day! Designed to help students meet TSIA college readiness benchmarks.


Texas STAAR Algebra I Boot Camp 

Increase the number of students scoring Meet and Master on the STAAR Algebra 1 assessment in just 3 hours. 

Interested in learning more about College, Career, and Military Readiness?

Please let us know if this is helpful and if there are any other CCMR resources we could provide that could help your team cope with the changes from HB 3 by filling out the form below!