CCMR Outcomes Bonus and Exam Reimbursement​

CCMR Outcomes Bonus and Exam Reimbursement

The CCMR Outcomes Bonus will be a game changer for college, career, and military readiness in Texas.

School districts throughout the state are planning to utilize the CCMR Outcomes Bonus to fund ACT, SAT, and TSIA2 preparation, professional development, college advising, and much more. 

Check out the information below to learn how your district can earn up to $7,000 per eligible student with HB3! 

CCMR Quick Facts:
Outcomes Bonus and Exam Reimbursement

With HB 3 in effect this year, your district can earn a CCMR bonus of up to $7,000 per eligible student. The trick is that the CCMR Outcomes Bonus criteria are a little different than the CCMR criteria your team has become used to for accountability.

Below is a summary all of the important information concerning CCMR Outcomes Bonus that your team needs to know:

  • ACT, SAT, and TSIA2 score cutoffs
  • The three ways a student can be eligible for the CCMR Outcomes Bonus
  • The formula for calculating the bonus
  • When funds will be received
  • Allowed uses of funds
  • Exam reimbursement rules

For your convenience, all this information can be downloaded as a mini-poster you can print or forward to your team. 

How do students qualify as CCMR for the outcomes bonus?

Any one of these:

college icon


career icon


military icon


What is a TSI Score?


 23 composite with minimum of 19 in English and Math


 EBRW 480

Math 530


 Reading 351

Math 350

How does exam reimbursement work?

How is the Outcomes Bonus calculated?

Your district receives a bonus for each CCMR student above and beyond the thresholds (predicted below, will be formalized January 2020).

Additionally, each CCMR student enrolled in special education earns your district a $2,000 bonus.

outcomes bonus chart

When will funding be received?

In April 2020, monthly funding will be updated to include CCMR Outcomes Bonus based on 2017-18 graduate data.

What can the funding be spent on?

55% must be spent on improving CCMR for grades 8-12. Allowed/suggested use of funds include:

  • Support for Student Preparation

ACT/SAT prep, dual credit, AP, and IB

  • Support for Teacher Preparation

Preparation, professional development, and training on ACT/SAT, dual credit, AP, and IB

  • Support for College and Career Advising

Preparation, professional development, and training for counselors on FAFSA, college entrance requirements, career awareness and exploration, and work-based learning

  • Support for establishing and/or maintaining College and Career Readiness School Models

Curious how much funding will your district receive?

To help you answer this question, we’ve built a free web-based calculator tool you can use to not only predict your CCMR Outcomes Bonus but also to model how increasing or decreasing the number of students meeting CCMR criteria will affect your funding.
(No charge. No ads. No data stored. No strings attached.)
All you have to do is enter six numbers, and the calculator will automatically compute your predicted CCMR Outcomes Bonus. If it helps, please feel free to share the link with your team and your colleagues. 

Interested in learning more about College, Career, and Military Readiness?

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