Combating Summer Learning Loss

Published on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 by

ACT Chalk Talk #32

As summer ends and students return to the classroom, educators may find themselves having to re-teach content that they dedicated countless hours to previously.

Many students will lose at least a month’s worth of learning during the summer (Polikoff, 2017), and, therefore, start the new academic year with lower achievement levels.

This common phenomenon known as “summer learning loss” or “summer setback” increases the amount of time teachers must re-teach material rather than cover new material that could appear on the ACT⁠—directly impacting scores

Here are some ways you can help your teachers combat summer learning loss and increase test scores without wasting valuable time.

During the summer:

  • Assign summer reading material that stretches students’ skills.
  • Include reading comprehension with their assigned books.

During the school year:

  • Incorporate structured, daily “bell-ringers” into the beginning of each class.
  • Start the year with a TruScore Practice test to see what areas students are struggling in the most.
  • Take advantage of ACT Essentials, our online test-prep program that students can do whenever, wherever.

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