ACT Elements

Reach All of Your Students with ACT® Preparation

With ACT Elements, your students can achieve better ACT scores in just five minutes a day. ACT Elements is a classroom warm-up program for grades 6 – 12 designed to provide students with grade-level appropriate exercises that reinforce essential ACT College Readiness Standards. Provided as a digital platform for teachers to use on SMART Boards™ or projectors, licenses can be purchased school or district-wide to be used in every classroom as a daily bell ringer program.


Better ACT Scores, Five Minutes a Day

Our bell ringer program includes everything that your core teachers need to introduce students to the rigor, format, and content focus of the ACT test.

  • Each exercise is tied to a weekly ACT College Readiness Standard theme that culminates in students building a definite skill

  • Gradually increasing difficulty helps build student confidence and improves engagement level

  • Hundreds of practice questions to allow students to attain mastery of each skill

  • Explanations for all answers are provided at the end of every exercise

  • Simplified layout helps to eliminate distractions and prevents students from feeling overwhelmed

  • Powerful test-taking strategies are wrapped into the lessons and practice questions

  • A highly effective, content-centric approach to ACT prep


Broader Impact

The ACT Elements program is the best, simplest method for getting your entire school on track to score well on the ACT without wasting valuable class time or putting unnecessary strain on your faculty.


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