ACT Aspire

ACT Aspire

Essential Test Prep for the ACT Aspire 9 and Aspire EHS Assessments

Our solutions for ACT Aspire will give your students the test-taking skills and strategies they need to tackle test day with confidence.


Do you want to see your students achieve higher scores on the ACT Aspire? Each of our college readiness solutions for ACT Aspire are research-based and evidence-proven, meaning we put in the time and effort in to provide your students with the best test-taking skills and strategies they need to be successful on test day.

ACT Aspire Essentials

ACT Aspire Essentials provides crucial review for the Aspire 8 and Aspire EHS assessments. Covering the ACT Aspire assessment in as little as 4-6 weeks, ACT Aspire Essentials will give students insight into the types of questions seen in the English, Math, Reading, and Science sections of ACT Aspire.

ACT Mastery

ACT Mastery Provides a comprehensive review of every major ACT College and Career Readiness standard, including those that are tested on ACT Aspire 9 and ACT Aspire EHS. ACT Mastery is the best choice for educators seeking significant, long-term gains with students in remedial ranges.

Bell Ringers:

Classroom warm-up exercises for your smartboard aligned to college readiness standards. Students will experience authentic, daily reinforcement of essential skills tested on the ACT.

ACT Elements

Better Aspire scores in just 5 minutes a day! Our middle school and high school ACT Elements products are increase ACT Aspire scores and incorporate many ACT Aspire-like questions. Give your students practice questions for the ACT Aspire test as daily bell work and see scores improve!

Customers Reviews

What educators say:

"It is a great tool for preparing students for the ACT Aspire."
Sheridan High School, AR
“MasteryPrep has been a helpful resource while preparing my students for the ACT and Aspire 10. I don't have to search for a test bank. It is already provided."
Benjamin Russell High School, AL
“These has have been so helpful to get my students used to the types of questions they will see on the ACT Aspire. It has given them more confidence in their abilities to read and understand what the questions are asking. Plus, it saved me hours and hours of prep time to try to do the same thing."
Paragould High School, AR
"We have just taken our third ACT Aspire Interim, and the students' scores have increased each time we have used MasteryPrep before the practice test."
Highland High School, AR

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