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The first and only mastery-based ACT® prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero prep time.

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Traditional ACT Test Prep Doesn't Work
ACT Mastery Does

How It Works:

ACT Mastery works because it addresses the three areas that must be mastered to maximize score gains: Time Mastery, Test Mastery, and Content Mastery.

Time Mastery:

Every lesson includes timed practice and pacing techniques, so students learn the time management habits they need to succeed.

Test Mastery:

Test-taking is a skill that can be learned just like anything else. In every lesson of ACT Mastery, students learn essential techniques and tricks that help them master the ACT and standardized tests in general.

Content Mastery:

Time management and test-taking strategies can only take students so far. In the end, students must know the content to win at the ACT. ACT Mastery takes up where many test prep programs leave off by providing key reinforcement for the academic skills that make the biggest impact on ACT scores.

Implementation Models:

  • One semester or full-year course
  • Weekly core class or non-core class integration
  • Intervention, advisory, or homeroom
  • Special pullout course or after-school session
  • Full virtual classroom experience for blended learning environments

ACT Mastery is the first and only mastery-based ACT prep curriculum

What's Included:

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Content is Key: English, Math, Reading, and Science


  • 470 pages, 30 lessons, 550 practice questions, 45 test-taking tips.
  • Tips and strategies for transitions questions, the most heavily weighted topic in ACT English
  • Master crucial punctuation rules that comprise 15% of scores, but often haven’t been reviewed since middle school 
  • Essential review for sentence structure, reducing redundancy, identifying author purpose, and much more.  


  • 546 pages, 38 lessons, 575 practice questions,45 test-taking tips.
  • Time is of the essence in math. Demonstrates not only how to answer the questions, but also how to more quickly and more accurately.
  • Pre-algebra and elementary algebra drive most ACT score Improvement; extensive review of the basics creates a firm foundation to build from. 
  • Shows how to reverse engineer word problems and dissect figures to maximum advantage. 


  • 334 pages, 18 lessons, 325 practice questions, 25 test-taking tips. 
  • Lessons on context, prefixes, and stems mean that confusing terms and phrases have met their match. 
  • Learn to skim passages and scan for answers so that even if students run out of time or are challenged readers they can still get most of the questions right. 
  • One third of the Questions on the ACT Reading don’t require students to read the passage; we show students how to identify these items and answer them quickly and painlessly. 


  • 314 pages, 16 lessons, 220 practice questions, 20 test-taking tips. 
  • To score well on the science test, students have to think like a scientist, which is why we review the essentials of experimental design, controls, and the scientific method. 
  • So much of the ACT Science test boils down to one skill: interpreting charts and graphs. Our science lessons help students tame and master them. 
  • The only curriculum that provides a skill-by-skill breakdown of the ACT Science test, and the most authentic ACT Science practice of any test prep program. 

Helping Teachers Succeed

Schools have experts in math, English, and science, not the ACT. Scroll below to find out how ACT Mastery helps great teachers become instant experts on standardized tests with no test prep background required. Read below to find out more or click here to download a sample where we showcase examples of each of the mentioned features:

Learning Targets
ACT College Readiness Standards provide clear objectives for every lesson (with optional Common Core correlation). 
Engaging Activities
Hooks, games, and colorful analogies increase student interest and make test prep fun 
Detailed Answer Explanations
A comprehensive walkthrough of every single test item in each book makes even the toughest ACT questions approachable.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Scripted lessons walk you through every step of the program. No matter your comfort level with the material, you have the tools to boost scores.
Entrance and Exit Tickets
Start and close each class period with an entrance/exit ticket combo that helps you remove dead time, differentiate instruction, and measure progress.
Slide Decks
Each lesson includes a PowerPoint slide deck that provides a visual focus for the class and illustrates key concepts.
Flexible Implementation
Lesson plans for any session length (from 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes) and any number of sessions (from a one-week prep program to a full-year class), tailored to your students' predicted ACT scale scores.
Embedded Test-Taking Strategies and Time Management Tips
Call-outs highlight opportunities to reinforce key test-taking and time management strategies.

Success Stories:

Average 4+ point ACT score gains

In a case study involving more than 500 students, students attending a one-semester ACT Mastery course improved their ACT scores by an average of 4 points, with more than 50% of students making gains between 3 and 9 points.

Northeast Lauderdale High School

Northeast Lauderdale High School improved from a 17.2 pre-test to a 19.7 post-test after implementing the ACT Mastery program.

Copy of Copy of LinkedIn WALKER HIGH SCHOOL (2)

Walker High School

Walker High School serves over 1,150 students in Louisiana, with 37% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Walker High School prioritized college readiness by providing its students with a one-semester ACT Mastery class during the school day in the 2018-19 school year. Students participating in the class averaged a 4.7+ point gain on the ACT from pre-test to post-test! 

DeSoto Parish School District

After implementing ACT Mastery, DeSoto Parish was recognized for making the largest single-year ACT score gains in the state both with its entire population and among its minority and economically disadvantaged students. Its gains in college readiness accountability scores helped propel the district from a D to an A rating.

Here’s what educators have to say about ACT Mastery:

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