ACT ASPIRE Reading Tip

Published on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 by

Download and read the following PASSAGE III

The passage states in lines 28–30 that the principles of improvisation established by the Compass Players “have grown into a comedy movement that has helped define popular entertainment ever since.” Explain how improvisation has influenced and defined popular entertainment. Use two details from the passage to support your answer.



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The passage describes many famous actors who worked in Second City, then Saturday Night Live or other television comedy, and then in film: John Belushi, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Murray. These actors are essential people in popular entertainment, and the comedy they brought to television was developed while they practiced improv at Second City. The passage also states today, improvisation has deep credibility in showbiz circles as both a tool for writing and, increasingly, as an art form in itself.