4 Things you should know before taking the ACT

Published on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 by

The key to successfully taking the ACT is proper preparation. There are very few students who can arrive on test day with little to no preparation and get the ACT score they are looking for. The ACT is a marathon of a test, and it takes a great deal of studying and practice to complete it successfully. However, even if you are well versed in the different test sections, have memorized the formulas, and have your pacing for each test down, there are still things you need to be aware of to be completely ready for test day.

Know when the ACT test is going to be given in your area
By knowing the date of the next ACT, you will be able to build a timetable in which to prepare. Mark your calendar, set weekly reminders on your phone, or make a countdown chart to ensure you’re meeting your goals before the test date. Sometimes a student’s focus is so much on preparation, looking up the test date and time can be easily forgotten. Don’t be caught off guard! You can go here to find your area’s nearest test date.

Know that you’re sufficiently prepared
If you are taking college prep courses while in high school, you will more than likely find yourself at an advantage when taking the ACT. That is because the ACT is testing your knowledge on material from all of your high school experience as well as  some college level. That is why is it so important to be ahead in your studies, thinking about getting tutored, or also taking ACT prep courses.

Know when your desired colleges and scholarships will need your ACT scores
Often times, students don’t think about when their choice colleges or scholarship agencies will need their ACT scores. After looking up the deadline, set a timeline to prepare. By connecting with a tutor, going through an ACT prep course like one of our ACT Boot Camps, or self-paced study you will be able to properly prepare and get the score you want in time to submit it your choice college or scholarship agency.

Which leads us to our last point.
Know if you plan on taking the ACT more than once
It is 100% okay to take the ACT more than once, but it is important to go into your planning for the ACT knowing whether that is something you want to do. Many students take the ACT multiple times, but the key to making it part of your planning process is to allow it to help you know when your scores are needed by the colleges and scholarship committees you are applying to.
Many students use their first ACT test as kind of a walk through, so they can get a feel for the actual test and get over any butterflies they may have. Remember, you can send your best ACT scores to the colleges and scholarship agencies that you are looking at. If your first test experience is rough, you can take it again knowing what to expect.
The key is being prepared before by having a game plan. We help you do that through our ACT Boot Camps, as well as our product line.

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