Essentials for WorkKeys​

Essentials for WorkKeys

The only program specifically designed to help students earn a Silver National Career Readiness Certificate.

The Most Comprehensive WorkKeys® Test Prep Available

Essentials for WorkKeys arms your students with the skills they need to succeed on the assessment

How It Works:

Our comprehensive test prep curriculum for the WorkKeys is a supplementary workbook set that can be used all together or individually to target specific subject areas your students need the most help in.

A breakdown of what your students will learn in our test prep curriculum:

Essentials for WorkKeys: Applied Math 

Applied Math focuses on students’ ability to solve problems, think critically, and calculate workplace mathematics. Students will learn more about employing mathematical operations to solve world problems; convert numbers between fractions, decimals, and percentages; and solve problems that deal with negative numbers, money, and time.

Essentials for WorkKeys: Graphic Literacy 

In Graphic Literacy, students learn to decipher and analyze a variety of visual depictions that are likely to arise in a workplace environment. Hundreds of practice questions improve student ability to understand a wide range of real-world figures and graphics. Students learn how to read and fill out complicated forms; practice reading maps, plans, tables, graphs, and diagrams; improve their ability to locate and use data; and experience a wide varity of information presentation styles.

Essentials for WorkKeys: Workplace Documents

Workplace Documents improves student ability in reading and understanding written text from actual work situations. Lessons and practice questions emphasize comprehending letters, emails, instructions, memos, notices, policies, and regulations. Students learn to pay attention to important details, how to follow step-by-step instructions, how to filter a problem when dealing with too much information, and a variety of ways to decipher unfamiliar words.

Implementation Models:

Essentials for WorkKeys is a supplementary workbook set that can be integrated into electives or CTE classes, used as classroom warm-up activities, or serve as a resource for targeted interventions.

What's Included:

Success Stories:

WorkKeys Boot Camp- Stanly Logansport

Success Story: Stanley and Logansport High Schools 

Logansport High School (45% minority, 47% free/reduced lunch) and Stanley High School (21% minority, 30% free/reduced lunch) are both rural schools that have benefited from an emphasis on improving WorkKeys scores using test prep curriculum for  WorkKeys.

"We did great this year! We surpassed our goals at both Logansport and Stanley High Schools. Much of the growth was due to Workkeys. We had a tremendous amount of success with WorkKeys. At LHS in August, the seniors' index was 50, and we are currently at 80.5! At SHS in August, the seniors index was 81. SHS ended the year at 100.6! In such a rural area, the WorkKeys test has proven to be extraordinarily beneficial to so many students, giving them opportunities they didn't think they would have."

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