What ACT Content Should You Focus On?

Published on Monday, November 26th, 2018 by

ACT Chalk Talk #2

The ACT assesses more than 150 distinct skills, from using semicolons properly to solving similar triangles. The frequency of these skills is unpredictable: some appear multiple times on every test, while other skills will show up occasionally. With such limited time to review and prepare for the ACT, how do you determine what content to focus on with your students?

The answer is that it depends on your students and their current ACT scores. Students who have a 15 in Math need to review vastly different topics than students who have a 24 in Math.

We’ve made it easy for you, with a free planning tool that shows you the best content to review with your students. Just enter your students’ average scores, and the ACT planning tool will show you the top 3 content areas in each subject that are most likely to provide the biggest gains.

The link associated with your report is permanent. Simply copy the report’s URL and paste it in an email to your team. They can then view the same recommendations.

The report also comes with MasteryPrep’s ACT Standard Family Guide for each subject. These analyses will show you which ACT College Readiness Standards relate to our recommendations and provide a more detailed road map toward improvement.

If you focus your review time on the topics that matter most for score improvement, you’ll be happier with your results, and your students will feel like they are making faster progress—because they are!

Access the tool at planner.masteryprep.com.

It’s possible to know exactly what your students need to work on, skill by skill, to boost their ACT scores, using our TruScore Practice Testing and Analysis system. Click here to learn more about TruScore.