TruScore STAAR Testing & Analysis

TruScore STAAR Testing & Analysis

Authentic STAAR® practice for students. Simple, actionable insights for educators.

How It Works

Our TruScore STAAR Testing and Analysis system is the perfect way to prepare students for the STAAR End of Course Assessment. 

After students take their practice tests, we provide detailed reports that give teachers clear test-taking skill metrics, powerful insights into student performance, and data-driven recommendations as to what actions to take to boost outcomes. This tool saves teachers time, saves schools money, and makes test result data much more manageable. 

More Authentic Practice

Four available practice tests for each high school assessment:

Algebra I

English I

English II

U.S. History


More practice tests will be added to your subscription (at no charge) every nine weeks in the 2021-22 school year (a total of 9 for each subject by the end of the 21-22 school year).

Online Practice Testing

The STAAR is moving to an all-online format. Now your prep can too.

TruScore STAAR Data Review included
Our TruScore STAAR Data Review feature includes a custom half hour breakdown of students’ overall test performance, explanations of the test data, and recommendations for addressing students’ areas of need.

Aggregation makes seeing score trends easier
We aggregate your students’ test result data at the individual, class, school, and district levels so that you can drill down into trends and differentiate between student groups. This makes student needs much easier to assess and address.

Simple, Powerful Reports

View detailed, skill-by-skill breakdowns of your students’ performance grouped by district, school, teacher, class, or individual student — all accessible in a couple clicks. 

Skill Breakdown

Detailed analysis of student performance by standard with actionable recommendations on how to improve.

Item Analysis

Your students’ performance on individual items, at a glance.

Threshold Report

Identify students who are on the verge of meeting grade level.

TruScore Study Hall

Learning is one click away

After completing a test, students review written and video explanations for the questions they missed, then dive into adaptive prep with Study Hall. Study Hall includes videos and additional practice covering every assessed standard and are prioritized by what each student is most likely to improve quickly on.

Here’s what educators have to say about our TruScore system:

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