Things to Bring on ACT Test Day

Published on Thursday, May 11th, 2017 by

You’ve studied and prepared for months and it’s finally here: ACT test day. However, in preparing for the ACT, students often forget some very important things they need to successfully take the test. Below, we’ve listed 5 key items you’ll need on test day. While they may seem obvious or even unnecessary, they shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to do your best on the ACT.

Extra Pencils: You never realize how much you need an extra pencil until you need an extra pencil. Do yourself a favor and bring some! There’s no guarantee that the testing center will have extras so bring your own. And don’t forget to sharpen them ahead of time!

Extra Erasers: While you’re packing up your extra pencils, throw in some extra erasers. The testing facility isn’t required to have these on hand (and probably won’t) so bring your own to avoid getting stuck without an eraser.

Bring your Ticket: DON’T forget your ticket. What good would it do you to prepare for months, study until your brain feels like mush, and show up to the test only to be turned away? Don’t waste all that time and energy by forgetting your ticket!

Bring a Watch: Not all testing facilities will have clocks. Bring a watch so you can time and pace yourself without needing to search for a clock somewhere in the room. Make sure your watch doesn’t have an alarm, and if it does, put it on silent. If your watch goes off you could be dismissed from the test and not have your answers counted.

Bring your ID: Your ID is just as important as your ACT ticket. If you don’t have your ID, you won’t be admitted into the test.

While these may seem like obvious reminders, they are very important aspects of your ACT testing that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having everything ready and in order on test day is key to successfully taking the ACT. For more information on what to expect on your test day, go to: