Boot Camp for the SAT

Boot Camp for the SAT

In just one day, your students can boost their SAT scores by 50-100 points or more!

Better SAT Scores in Just One Day!

The final push your students need to score college ready on the SAT

Make sure to get your Boot Camp for the SAT scheduled before the next national test date!

Check out the full testing schedule below to stay up to date on all national test dates.

SAT National Test Dates:

• March 9, 2024

• May 4, 2024

• June 1, 2024

Next SAT Test Date:


How It Works:

Your class time is valuable, but so are students’ SAT scores. With a Boot Camp for the SAT, you can give your students the final push they need to boost their scores.

In just one day, students will learn:

  • Pacing and time management 
  • Essential test-taking techniques 
  • Tips for the most important question types
  • Effective guessing strategies

MasteryPrep’s Boot Camp for the SAT is test prep that fits your schedule—even at the last minute. You provide the space, and we take care of everything else. No hassle, no stress, and no attendance limits.
*Events held virtually are limited to 100 attendees per session.

A small sample of what your students will learn:

  • The most difficult passage is not the last passage. Students learn to read the passages in a unique sequence that helps them avoid running out of time and losing points needlessly.

  • One question in each passage is almost always the hardest. Students learn how to deal with it and avoid having it shake their confidence.

  • We give students tips for actively reading the passages and avoid common pitfalls that eat up all their time without giving them any points.

  • Citing evidence questions require students to give justification for their answers. This adds to item difficulty, but students who have attended the Boot Camp can use this structure to their advantage.

  • College Board has touted that they have eliminated esoteric vocabulary questions, but what they have really done is shift the focus to context. We show students how to use answer choices like a built-in dictionary to arrive at the correct answer.
  • Questions gradually increase in difficulty, which makes time management tricky. We show students how to manage their time and maximize their points.

  • Punctuation marks can kill your students’ scores, but not if they apply the tricks they learn in the SAT Boot Camp to semicolons, colons, and commas.

  • Answers that sound right are often wrong, but we show how students can use their ear to their advantage with a tip they won’t find anywhere else.

  • On some questions, students end up guessing, but in the Writing and Language test, some guesses are far superior to others. Students will learn how to play the odds on the SAT to maximize their scores.

  • Some students will overthink their way to the wrong answer⁠—unless they follow our tips on the SAT Boot Camp. 
  • The Math test is half your students’ score, which is why we devote half of the content time in the SAT Boot Camp to math.

  •  Simple errors kill SAT Math scores. In the SAT Boot Camp, we catalog the most common errors and help students avoid making them.

  • Students may not be used to the grid-in format that appears at the end of each Math section—at least not until they complete the SAT Boot Camp.

  • All Math questions are worth the same number of points, but as students progress, the questions gradually increase in difficulty—with an important caveat. We show students how to approach the Math questions in a new sequence that ensures they have time to get to the easy questions. (Some of your students are missing out on simple questions at the back of the test!)

  • One strategy trumps all others in Math, but it requires that your students have a deep understanding of how it works and how to extend it to the trickiest questions that the Math test can throw at them.

  • Your students will learn the guessing strategies that convert blind guesses into extra points—strategies that only high-end SAT tutors are teaching.

We’re prepared to prep your students, no matter the learning environment.

This is what we’re doing to have your back and help make your testing season a success:

  • No Change Fees: Absolutely no change or cancellation fees.
  • Backup Plan: A virtual Boot Camp backup is included free with all in-person programs.
  • Recordings: All virtual Boot Camps are recorded for students who miss the event.
  • ebook Access: ebook access to Boot Camp workbooks can be provided as a free add-on to any participating student who needs it.
  • Intervention Packages: Now offering special spring intervention packages that lower your price while layering on additional online test prep supports.

Implementation Models:

  • Full-day workshop during school hours
  • After-school or Saturday programming
  • Virtual and in-person programs available

*Boot Camps are ideally taken 4-6 weeks in advance of test date.

What's Included:

MasteryPrep delivers over 1,000 Boot Camps to more than 75,000 students each year. Find out what makes our Boot Camps work by downloading a free sample.

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What people say?

"This camp allowed the students to get tips and strategies. Also, the mini-quizzes challenged them to attempt the questions using the strategies shared! The Boot Camp team did a great job making the session fun and relaxing for our students. Glad that they were able to deliver the camp virtually during this pandemic. Students felt more confident at the end of the session!"
Sonia Dempsey
Edinburg High School, TX
“The MasteryPrep instructor was great! She really captured the students’ attention. She really knew how to speak to high school students and was very pleasant throughout both sessions. She shared personal stories that students could relate to, and they truly appreciated her.”
Monica Martinez
College Access Coordinator, Hubbard High School, IL
“I really am happy that we brought MasteryPrep to Sandburg for our students. I think our instructor was knowledgeable as well as engaging! It is very challenging to keep the attention of a room full of high school students for over 5 hours! However, she did an amazing job, and the students’ evaluations indicated that they learned a lot and were happy that they came!”
Stephanie Woodard
Upward Bound Director, Carl Sandburg College, IL

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