SAT Mastery Virtual Class

SAT Mastery Virtual Class

The first and only online, mastery-based SAT® prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero prep time.

The MasteryPrep Distance Learning Difference: See What Sets Us Apart.

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Every Student Can Score College Ready

  • Students experience average score gains of 200 points or more. 
  • SAT Mastery has a unique, three-pronged approach to score improvement: time mastery, test mastery, and content mastery.
  • Effective for students scoring below college readiness.

One-of-a-Kind Virtual Class Experience

  • Online SAT pre-test provides instant scoring and analytics.
  • Includes 30 hours of live online instruction led by an engaging, expert instructor.
  • Classes are kept small so every student can receive direct, personalized attention.

A Data-Driven Approach to Score Improvement

  • Online SAT practice test allows for differentiated course instruction.
  • Tests are instantly scored.
  • Includes video answer explanations for questions missed. 
  • Score reports show what students need the most help in.

Equitable Access for All Students

  • Works from any major browser on any device.
  • Includes four SAT Mastery books: one for each subject.
  • Session stats provide insight into student attendance and their level of engagement.
  • A phone dial-in option is also provided.
  • Ebooks available.

Effective Prep for Students at All Score Ranges

  • Entrance tickets introduce students to topics.
  • Entire program includes 150 hours of content. 
  • Scaffolded activities build students up to SAT rigor.
  • Students learn test-taking tips and strategies in each lesson.
  • Wrap-ups gauge effectiveness of lessons so that teachers can provide extra support if necessary.

What's Included:

20-180 hours of live online classes led by our expert instructors.

Set of four SAT Mastery books, one for each subject. Ebooks available. Click here for free samples.

High-Energy, Expert Instructors Ensure Student Engagement

Our expert instructors are trained in instructional best practices and online class management strategies.

Instructor-managed chat window keeps students actively learning.

Q&A function for privately asked questions.

Lessons include games, surveys, and quizzes to keep students engaged.

quizzes and games@3x-8

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MasteryPrep Overview

Every student can graduate high school with a college-ready ACT or SAT score. Every student deserves to. For most students, however, it’s not a level playing field. That’s why MasteryPrep’s entire focus is on helping schools succeed.