How to Improve Your ACT English Score

Published on Monday, August 28th, 2017 by

By attending any of our ACT Boot Camps, workshops, or classes, students will receive many tips, tricks, and techniques that help them successfully prepare for and take the ACT. We’ve seen students who come to us perform better and score higher in all four subjects on the ACT.

In today’s post, we’ll share with you some valuable tips on how to improve your students’ ACT English scores. Not only will their ACT English score improve, but also their composite score on the ACT.

Take several practice tests

The best way to prepare for the ACT English test is to take as many practice tests. Practicing with any test that is as close as possible to the real ACT will help students get a feel for the English test and the ACT overall.

We recommend taking timed English section tests as well as full ACT practice tests. This will allow students to prepare for every section of the ACT adequately, establish good pacing, and help them become comfortable with how the ACT is structured.

Ask for help

The ACT is a difficult test. Encourage students to ask for help in the areas where they are struggling.  MasteryPrep excels in giving teachers the skills they need to help students through the difficulties of the ACT. We also help students through Boot Camps and classroom materials (as well as our blog).

Pay attention to patterns in the questions

ACT English practice tests use similar questions and concepts to those on the actual test. Use this to your advantage: teach students to look for patterns in the way questions are worded or in what is tested. The more familiar they become with the patterns, question types, and frequently tested concepts on the practice tests, the more easily and quickly they will be able to recognize them on the actual ACT.