How to Get Ten Extra Minutes on the ACT Math Test

Published on Monday, February 18th, 2019 by

ACT Chalk Talk #13

The way you prepare for your upcoming test date can make all the difference.

How much would your score improve if you had an extra ten minutes on the ACT Math section?

By pacing yourself, and by practicing in order to improve your speed, you can grab an extra ten minutes or more for the tougher questions towards the end of the test.

You want to blitz the first 20 questions, moving through them in only ten minutes. These are the easiest questions that will appear on the test.clock

Allow yourself 20 minutes for the middle 20 questions.

Then you’ll have a full 30 minutes for the last 20 questions.

There are some easy questions at the back of the test that you’ll miss if you never get to them.

By working to get through the math blitz—answering the first 20 questions in ten minutes—you’ll have ten extra minutes to work through the harder questions!