Keep It Up! More Free ACT Pacing Practice

Published on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 by

If you’ve been following our series, today’s short and sweet post is here to keep up your practice testing momentum. We’re providing you with more access to mini-test resources. Keep up this practice with your students and continue to reduce verbal cues until students get a feel for the pacing on their own.


English Mini-Test 3 (give 8 minutes per mini-test)

Math Mini-Test 3 (give 1 minute per question)

Reading Mini-Test 3 (give 8 minutes per mini-test)

Science Mini-Test 3 (give 5 minutes per mini-test)

Click here for a review of how to administer a mini-test and why this method is recommended. And if you missed last week’s resources, be sure to take advantage of all the material provided.

By helping your students improve their pacing abilities through mini-tests, you will alleviate most of their time-management woes and instill confidence on test day.