Four Reasons Prep Can’t Happen

Published on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 by

ACT Chalk Talk #33

Written by: Craig Gehring, Founder and CEO of MasteryPrep

Is there a vacation in your far-off dreams, always on the horizon, seemingly never getting closer? Always pushed back by the relentless currents of time and resources and priorities? That vacation is proof that “one day” can all too easily mean “never.”

The same goes for ACT prep. Many schools have the desire and need to improve their students’ ACT scores, but for one reason or another, it gets harder and harder to with each passing academic year.

Here are the top reasons teachers can’t make ACT prep happen:

1: Not enough class time 

2: Not enough resources

3: Too many other tests 

4: Students not interested

We understand the frustration, so we devised clever ways to help you combat these common obstacles. Check out this video to learn more and feel free to share with your teachers:

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These tips are adapted from our Decoding the ACT professional development program.

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