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ACT® Professional Development

Decoding the ACT

One-day training for teachers to become the experts of the ACT

Decoding the ACT Professional Development features:

  • In-Person, on-site training from a MasteryPrep ACT expert
  • Instruction covering all four subjects tested on the ACT with complete subject breakdowns available
  • Decoding the ACT workbooks for teachers
  • Freedom to schedule the one-day course at your convenience - during a school day or on a weekend
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How Decoding the ACT Works

When teachers complete the one-day Decoding the ACT training, they will be prepared to boost student ACT scores with the following test-taking skills:

  • Subject Area Mastery: A MasteryPrep ACT expert will come to your school for an in-person training session that provides your teachers with subject-specific tips and strategies for each of the four subjects tested on the ACT (English, math, reading, and science).
  • Motivation: Every standardized test asks students a hidden first question: Do you care about your score? We show you how to ensure that your students are motivated and want to perform well on the ACT.
  • Time Management: Many students struggle to finish each section of the ACT in the allotted time frame. We share time-management strategies that help students pace themselves while testing, ensuring they take the test efficiently and to the best of their ability.
  • Process of Elimination: Many students simply give up on a question if they are stuck. We'll show you how to help students quickly approach the best answer choice by eliminating answers that are obviously wrong.
  • Guessing Strategies: As there is no penalty for guessing on the ACT, it's important that students know how to make an educated guess if they are stuck. In Decoding the ACT, we'll cover best practices for making the best guess on difficult questions.
  • Simple, Practical Tools: Including answer explanations and question categories to the ACT’s newest released test, 72-C.

Workbook Preview

The Decoding the ACT workbook is the first ever teacher's guide to providing expert ACT instruction. Based on an analysis of over 100,000 ACT test items and more than two decades of released ACT tests, Decoding the ACT features tips for helping students practice essential test-taking skills and achieve content mastery in all four test areas: English, math, reading, and science.

For Every Educator

Whether they teach a core subject or not, any teacher can boost their students' ACT scores using the strategies covered in Decoding the ACT. Many of these techniques can be easily incorporated in the class schedule, making ACT test prep a convenient addition to the core curriculum.

Proven Results

MasteryPrep has a long track record of providing quality professional development that helps schools and school districts significantly improve their average composite ACT scores.

We've seen between 1.1 and 1.9 point gains in districts that use Decoding the ACT in conjunction with ACT Mastery:

Baker School District +1.9

Baker School District gained 1.9 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 15.6 to a 17.5!

DeSoto Parish School District +1.1

DeSoto Parish School District gained 1.1 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 18.1 to a 19.3!

Plaquemines School District +1.6

Plaquemines School District gained 1.6 points on the ACT, taking their score from a 18.6 to a 20.2!

What Teachers Say About MasteryPrep Professional Development

  • "Great training! It was probably the most informative workshop I have ever attended."

  • "This workshop was kind of a jump start for me for thinking in terms of ACT® preparation. Enjoyed it very much!"

  • "The information provided is practical, and the speaker is knowledgeable not only about the strategies but the approach the students have in taking the ACT® and how to re-direct their attitudes and test-taking skills."

  • "I learned simple techniques to pass on to my students that can make a difference in their scores. Awesome info!"

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