Decoding the ACT

Decoding the ACT

Every school needs at least one ACT expert. With Decoding the ACT Professional Development, every teacher can be.

The ultimate one-day professional development course for boosting ACT scores. In these workshops participants learn: 

How It Works:

We know how to boost scores school-wide.

In this one-day course, teachers will learn everything they need to understand what the ACT measures and how it is scored.

The Decoding the ACT guide provides teachers with strategies for incorporating test-taking skills into their everyday core curriculum and motivating students to succeed on the ACT and in academics in general. Using our 3 pillars of mastery, teachers are equipped to prepare every student to achieve a college-ready score on the ACT.

The 3 Pillars of Mastery

What's Included:

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Empower your teachers to increase ACT scores with virtual professional development

Decoding the ACT Virtual Professional Development

Summertime is normally when teachers are getting together at high school campuses to better prepare them for the upcoming school year. This is not going to be a normal school year, but don’t let this challenge stop you from finding ways to better equip your teachers with necessary skills to help their students. 

Our team of facilitators can replicate that in-person PD experience with our virtual classrooms so that your educators can become ACT experts from wherever they are. 

Delivery Timeline:

June-August, January, professional development days throughout the year

Success Story:


Demopolis High School, Alabama
Students Scoring "Ready" on the ACT

Success Story: Demopolis High School, Alabama

Demopolis High School serves 722 students. 60% come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and 51% belong to a racial minority. 

Demopolis launched its ACT score improvement initiative with an onsite Decoding the ACT professional development program, and the results were immediate. In 2017, 15.1% of sophomores scored on track for readiness on the ACT Aspire test in math and 12.43% in science. In 2018, after the PD, readiness for those same students improved to over 40% in math and 25.7% in science


All twenty-four attendees at Demopolis High School rated the session a perfect five out of five!

“Excellent workshop and the presenter was wonderful.”

“Great presenter! Very informative and engaging! Loved it!”

“Great job by presenter. It’s a hard job. She makes it look easy.”

Here’s what educators have to say about Decoding the ACT:

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