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Decoding the ACT is the ultimate one-day professional development course for boosting ACT scores. In this one-day course, teachers will learn everything they need to understand what the ACT measures and how it is scored.

To transform every teacher into an ACT expert, Decoding the ACT addresses the Three Pillars of Mastery­­­—the three areas that students must master to maximize score gains.

The Three Pillars of Mastery:

What’s in the sample? 

  • Previews of time, test, and content mastery strategies for each portion of the test
  • Full table of contents from the workbook
  • A brief overview of each subject area with the most common subject-specific categories
  • Examples of some of our most popular test-taking strategies for each subject area 
  • The Standard Families for each subject area– ACT provides College Readiness Standards that are essential to understanding the structure of the test. At MasteryPrep, we have taken it one step further by grouping these standards into logical, teachable categories and providing data on how frequently each standard family is assessed on the ACT so that you will better know what to focus on.

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