ACT Prep Test-Taking Technique #3: Plug in the Answers

Elimination is key to a better score on ACT. If you can eliminate the answers you immediately know are wrong, you will be on your way to the right answers faster. This one technique could boost your time management, giving you more time to focus on the questions that stump you. In today’s video MasteryPrep […]

ACT Prep Test-Taking Technique #2: Time Is of the Essence

Speed is the name of the game today! Time is MASSIVELY important when taking the ACT. In today’s video we show you some of the best ways you can maximize the time you have to get the score you deserve. Remember, the key to mastering these techniques—and by extension the ACT—is practice. Be sure to […]

ACT Test-Taking Technique #1: Never Leave an Answer Blank

Are you looking for some ways to improve your ACT score? Of course you are! With today’s post we begin a 6-part series demonstrating ACT test-taking techniques that, if applied and mastered, will help you raise your ACT score. Be sure to watch the whole video, take notes, and look for the next video tomorrow. […]