ACT® Mastery Virtual Class

ACT® Mastery Virtual Class

The first and only online, mastery-based ACT prep curriculum. Fits any schedule with zero prep time.

Mastery Curriculum

The MasteryPrep Distance Learning Difference: See What Sets Us Apart.

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Every Student Can Score College Ready

  • Students can experience ACT score gains of 4 points or more.
  • ACT Mastery has a unique, three-pronged approach to score improvement: time mastery, test mastery, and content mastery.
  • Targeted for students scoring from 13 to 26.

*Results vary.

One-of-a-Kind Virtual Class Experience

  • Online pre-test provides predicted ACT score and detailed analytics.
  • Includes 30 hours of live online instruction led by an expert instructor.
  • Classes are kept small so every student can receive direct, personalized attention. 

A Data-Driven Approach to Score Improvement

  • TruScore Online Practice Testing for the ACT allows for differentiated course instruction.
  • Practice tests are instantly scored.
  • Includes video answer explanations for missed questions.
  • Score reports show what students need the most help in.

Equitable Access for All Students

  • Works from any major browser on any device.
  • Includes four ACT Mastery books: one for each subject.
  • Session stats provide insight into student attendance and their level of engagement.
  • A phone dial-in option is also provided.
  • Ebooks available.

Effective Prep for Students at All Score Ranges

  • Entrance tickets introduce students to topics.
  • Scaffolded activities build students up to ACT rigor.
  • Each lesson includes 15 high-quality practice questions for the ACT.
  • Students learn test-taking tips and strategies in each lesson.
  • Exit tickets gauge effectiveness of lessons so that teachers can provide extra support if necessary.

What's Included:

20-180 hours of live online classes led by our expert instructors.

Online pre-and post-test measure progress and allows our instructors to adapt to your students’ needs.

Set of four ACT Mastery books, one for each subject. Ebooks available.
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High-Energy, Expert Instructors Ensure Student Engagement

Our expert instructors are trained in instructional best practices and online class management strategies.

Instructor-managed chat window keeps students actively learning.

Q&A function for privately asked questions.

Lessons include games, surveys, and quizzes to keep students engaged.

quizzes and games@3x-8

Want to see what a virtual class looks like for your students?

Request a demo today, and one of our reps will reach out to you for a live, one-on-one breakdown of an ACT Mastery Virtual Class.

Want to see what a virtual class looks like for your students?

Request a demo today, and one of our reps will reach out to you for a live, one-on-one breakdown of an ACT Mastery Virtual Class.

Customers Reviews

What educators say:

“Our teachers love the MasteryPrep materials. They are so well done, and so well put together, that any teacher from any subject, could use their materials and teach them to students. English teachers could teach on the ACT math test, and vice versa. MasteryPrep’s materials have made teaching students how to properly take and prepare for the ACT so much easier.”
Tammy Cole
Coordinator of Student Learning, DeSoto Parish, LA
“This has been one of the best experiences working with an outside organization that I have ever had.”
Judy Dotson
Instructional Supervisor, Carter County School District, KY
“When we started, only 3 students were scoring an 18 or higher. We ended the program with 21 students scoring 18 or higher, 18 of whom scored 19 or above. We had students (including English learners) increase their score by 5-7 points. The highest gains were made by a student who started with a 14 and ended with a 21.”
Kevin McCabe
ACT Instructor, Cohen College Prep, New Orleans, LA

*Unpaid testimonials. Results vary.

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MasteryPrep Overview

Every student can graduate high school with a college-ready ACT or SAT score. Every student deserves to. For most students, however, it’s not a level playing field. That’s why MasteryPrep’s entire focus is on helping schools succeed.