The ACT® Mastery Difference

Results: Three-Point Average Gain

Our students average a three-point gain on the ACT test. That’s different than a program offering a three-point guarantee. Many ACT programs offer a guarantee and allow a re-take of their program if the students don’t meet that standard, but this is slightly misleading. A guarantee that allows the students to retake an online program, for instance, is not a statement of global results. None that we are aware of are able to advertise an average three-point gain for a classroom-setting ACT course. They can point to individual studies and mention their guarantee, but the national average for score improvement after ACT prep is less than one point.

Score Range of Improvement

Our program helps students at the lower level ACT scores even better than students at higher level ACT scores. Students who have made between a 12 and 17 average a 3.5 point improvement, while our program has been proven to improve the scores of students at higher performance levels as well. ACT Mastery is an ideal program to use when targeting students who are predicted to perform at a 12 to 17 ACT score level and is nearly as effective with students in higher score ranges as well.

Use Your Own Teachers

Our program lets you harness the power of your school’s greatest resource: its educators. Classroom management skills are a must in providing ACT Mastery to your students, who may not have the same level of motivation as students attending camps on Saturdays, paid for by their parents. Instead of bringing in an outside instructor whose experience is in private-pay tutoring, rely on the experience and knowledge base of your educators to carry you through. We train your teachers, and then you’re able to implement ACT Mastery in your school with full control.

Professional Development

We will train your teachers in ACT prep, teaching them highly effective test prep methods, based on industry best practices and cutting-edge techniques that are helping your students improve their scores. Your teachers will not only be able to fully implement ACT Mastery but will be able to use these strategies in their other classes, resulting in a more holistic approach to test prep in your school.

Easy Implementation of Curriculum

Each practice question in ACT Mastery comes with answers and full explanations. Every lesson plan is structured and provides instructors with everything they need. This results in no planning time and minimal prep time for teachers, allowing your instructors to focus on what they do best: teach!