7 Pre-Test Tips for Your Students

Published on Monday, January 30th, 2017 by

We like sharing on this blog all the tips, tricks, and techniques that have helped thousands of students improve their test scores. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the simpler tips – ones that have nothing to do with studying but can still have an impact on test scores. Below are 7 Pre-Test Tips to give your students before their test date:

  1. Get Rid of Bad Habits: Everyone has bad habits when it comes to studying for an important test. You can probably think of a few if you consider it for a few minutes. Identify what these poor habits are and work on changing them immediately. You don’t want your inability to stay focused to cost you come test day.
  2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses: If you rock on all the science material in the your practice tests but struggle with English, mark that and work to improve your English skills. The only way you can get better is to acknowledge where you need to improve.
  3. Eat Right: Eating a healthy breakfast on test day can propel you through your exam. Don’t rely on sugary foods and drinks to keep your energy maintained and avoid sugar-crashing during the test. And while an energy drink may sound appealing, it can sometimes affect your concentration and heart rate, causing you to be more distracted than normal—so be careful!
  4. Pack a Bag: The testing facility may not have pencils, erasers, or calculators, and they certainly won’t have snacks for the break, so don’t forget to pack a bag. Here are just a few things to bring with you:
    • Extra pencils (sharpened)
    • Erasers (test them to make sure they don’t smear)
    • A healthy snack (avoid any wrapping or crunchy snacks)
    • Water (you may need to remove the label)
  5. Jump Start Your Brain: Before tackling the test, give your brain a little stimulation by reading the newspaper, working a crossword, Suduko, or something else you find interesting to warm your brain up for the test. Avoid unnecessary stimuli like social media.
  6. Wear the Right Clothes: Testing facilities are not known for being the perfect temperature, so we recommend wearing layers. That way you can dress down if you are too hot and bundle up if it’s too cold. The right clothes can keep you focused no matter the room’s temperature.
  7. Get Some Rest: Seriously, get some sleep! Getting the proper amount of sleep not only helps you maintain good health, but it also helps you remember what you’ve studied. Getting extra sleep could very well mean achieving a higher score on your exam.

These 7 Pre-Test tips don’t require extra studying, but are just as important as the other tips we share. Share these tips with your students and you will only increase their ability to achieve higher test scores!