6 ACT Math Tips You Need To Know

Published on Monday, December 12th, 2016 by

Everyone wants to do well on the ACT, and in order to do that one must master each section, including math. In today’s post, we are sharing with you 6 ACT Math Tips You Need to Know, all which will help you successfully complete this section of the ACT.

Despite hundreds of hours of intensely breaking down the math section, we can unabashedly admit that the math section is difficult. That is why we recommend learning and mastering these important tips so that you can achieve the best score you can on the math section of the ACT. Below are 6 videos tips for you to review and learn. These tips have helped countless students increase their overall ACT score, as well as helping those students successfully tackle the math section of the ACT.

Tip #1: Assume Values
This tip will help you move through ACT math test questions with speed. Check out the video to learn the technique and use it when you study, as well as on the test:

Tip #2: Plug & Chug
One of the best ways to move through the ACT is using the technique called “Plug & Chug.” In the video below we show you how this tip can help you in the math section of the ACT:

Tip #3: Don’t Compute Word Problems
The key to solving math problems on the ACT is by using math. Learn why you shouldn’t compute math problems, and how it can help you do better on the ACT:

Tip #4: Guess & Check
Should you guess on the ACT? Should you guess on the math test of the ACT? It depends if you learn this tip correctly or not:

Tip #5: Swap Fractions with Decimals
Want to know a tip that can save you serious time on the ACT math section? This is the tip for you:

Tip #6: Take One Path
Wondering which path you should take when it comes to either going straight with solving each test question the traditional way or with tips and techniques. This video will help: