5 ACT Science Videos to Watch Before the ACT

Published on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 by

Students and teachers alike can feel overwhelmed with trying to fully dive into the four sections of the ACT, and we’ve discovered that the science portion is universally among the hardest ones to study for. That’s why we’ve developed useful strategies that not only help break down the science portion of the ACT into manageable chunks but help students feel relief come test day. We want every student to score college ready on the ACT, and every teacher can get them there.

Below are 5 videos that will explain critical test-taking tips and tricks students can use during the ACT science test.

These tips have helped all types of students improve both their ACT science scores and their composite scores. Have students take some time before their next practice test or before the ACT to watch these videos. What they can learn from them could mean the difference between an okay ACT score and one that opens doors to scholarships, college admissions, and much more.

Video #1: Connect the Dots

Video #2: Spotting Contradictions

Video #3: Asking Why

Video #4: Comparing Two Studies

Video #5: Holding Variables Constant