5 ACT Reading Practice Questions, and a little extra to help you study

Published on Thursday, December 15th, 2016 by

Students who are struggling with the reading section of the ACT should consider spending time each study session reviewing practice questions for that section of the test. Going over practice questions allows students to get a feel for what the ACT reading section is looking for, what the questions will be like on the actual test, and how they can implement tips and tricks to better help them get through the reading section in the time allotted.

Success on the reading section of the ACT is a combination of a lot of reasons, but if students can get a taste of what to expect from this section, they are far more likely to succeed. The key here is to practice, practice, practice.

Below are 5 practice questions (with video) from the ACT reading section that we think will help you to better understand this section, what the questions on the exam will be like, and how you can successfully learn to navigate this section of the ACT.

Practice Problem #1:

Practice Problem #2:

Practice Problem #3:

Practice Problem #4:

Practice Problem #5:

Now the extra part.

ACT Inc. has some great material out that can help you dive even deeper into the ACT reading test. To highlight a few tools we think can help when you are studying for this section of the ACT, click below.

ACT Inc Sample Reading Test Questions:


The ACT Practice Reading Test Questions: